Land phase 1.5

Land Phase 1.5 allowed players to build worksites and begin resource production on their surveyed plots. The cards players choose as workers and the amount of DEC they have staked to that region impact plot production. Production determines the amount of resources a specific plot may produce. In Land Phase 1.5, players may also swap grain and DEC, earn Prefix titles, and find Totems while harvesting their resources.

Worker Options

Once land has been claimed and surveyed, players may stake DEC to their region, add worker cards, and build worksites. In Land Phase 1.5, players may choose between building worksites that produce Grain, SPS, or Research.


Grain is a consumable resource required by your worker cards. In addition to a Power Source, Grain keeps your workers functional and able to contribute to Resource Production. Grain is the first resource available to Swap or add to the Markets in the Land Trade Hub.


Splintershards (SPS) is the official governance token for Splinterlands. When staked, players gain voting power within the SPS DAO. SPS can also be earned through participation in Brawls, Ranked Battles, and as a reward for some Tournaments.


The Secret of Praetoria can only be uncovered through work by all landowners in each of the seven territories. As non-transferable tokens, Research stays within your account and remains associated with the territory in which the research was performed. Landowners may compete for Prefix titles based on who has completed the most research per territory.

Building Worksites and Resource Production

Once land has been claimed and surveyed, players may build a worksite for the type of resource they wish to produce. Players must stake DEC, a Power Source, and Worker Cards to begin this process. Time Crystals may be used to speed up worksite building. Once a worksite is built, resource production can begin.


After seven days, worksites stop producing resources. To initiate a harvest, players must have enough grain to feed their workers. During harvest, taxes are taken from the resources produced and sent to the local Keep and Castle. Players may also discover Totem Fragments during harvest. Combine Totem Fragments into a full totem to boost land production. Totem Fragments can also be purchased on the non-card market.

Earn Prefix Titles

Prefix Titles are granted to players who meet certain conditions related to land. Prefix titles boost rewards in ranked gameplay, and are Soulbound - unable to be transferred or sold. If the conditions needed to retain a Prefix title are no longer met, they will be automatically removed.

Swap Grain and DEC

The Trade Hub allows players to earn fees by adding grain and DEC to this liquidity pool. Players may swap grain and DEC. More resources are planned for Land Phase 2.

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