Release Notes


The Great Conflagration Begins
  • The 5 year Anniversary Event is now live. You may burn DEC, or DEC-B, for Guild Points and potentially entries in a giveaway as described in this post.
  • You will be able to burn DEC to receive Guild Points at a 1:1 ratio. Guild points will be usable in a future update, that is expected to come out prior to the end of this event.
  • For every DEC spent, you will also receive points towards a burning leaderboard. The top 200 accounts will receive prizes, and every 10K points from burning will qualify accounts for an entry into a random prize giveaway that includes Packs, Plots, and Runi. See the announcement post for full details.
Default Locking
  • The Settings page has been redesigned to include two new options to enable card or pack locking by default. You have the option to set a default number of days, and to lock cards from packs and rewards as soon as they are obtained.
General Updates
  • There have been some changes to the APIs used by third party card markets, market/for_rent_by_card & market/for_sale_by_card , as well as market/market_query_by_card used by the in-game card market. The APIs have essentially had their results synced up, as an example market_query_by_card now includes last used block and the for_sale and for_rent APIs now include price_bcx and level. The arguments for market/market_query_by_card remain unchanged, and can be found in the earlier release notes here. The market/for_rent_by_card & market/for_sale_by_card now accept the following parameters:
    • id (also accepts card_detail_id) - a required integer for the specific card to be looked up on the market.
    • gold - optional parameter that will filter to gold on ‘true’, otherwise defaults to showing regular foil.
    • rental_type - optional parameter, only used for rentals that will filter to seasonal rentals if ‘season’ is passed, otherwise defaults to daily rentals.
    • fee - optional parameter, integer version of the fee (i.e., 500 = 5%) that will filter to only show items that are greater than or equal to the value. Default is 500 as the normal in-game market.
    • edition - optional parameter, integer value that specifies the edition of a card. Only needed when Alpha/Beta cards share an ID. If there is only one edition of a card, it will default to that. For Alpha/Beta it will default to Alpha if not passed.
    • level - optional parameter, integer value that will only return cards whose level is of the given value. If not set, returns all cards. This overrides min_level and max_level options.
    • min_level - optional parameter, integer value that will only return cards at this level or greater. May be combined with max_level, but not level.
    • max_level - optional parameter, integer value that will only return cards at or below this value. May be combined with min_level, but not level. Note: These APIs return all cards under these filtering option in unsorted order, for performance reasons. We suggest using market/market_query_by_card when possible.


Unlimited Power
  • The cap on purchasing additional energy has been removed. Instead, the cost now scales up by 50% after every 25 additional energy purchased per day.
SPS Airdrop Revisited
  • We have added a link on the SPS Management page to go back and claim unredeemed SPS air drops from Hive, Binance, Wax, or Ethereum assets.
  • Since the Steem and Tron bridges are no longer running, if you have air drop claims from those assets you will need to contact support and provide proof of ownership of those accounts by sending a transaction from them, and we will assist with redeeming those claims. You can check outstanding air drops via an API calls of https://api.splinterlands.com/players/sps_airdrop?address=<wallet or account name as appropriate for the chain>. Note: All airdrops require the signature of the wallet you are claiming against, we will be unable to process any airdrops without a transaction.
Initial API Documentation
  • We have released some very basic API documentation at https://api.splinterlands.com/doc. This is generated documentation, so there is not a lot of details on what each API does, but hopefully the third party developers can expand upon this information to make it easier for the community to build tools.
General Updates
  • Added back in the second layer of sorting when sorting by Price or BCX on the card market.
  • Added an e-mail to both the new and old e-mail addresses when an e-mail is changed on an account.
  • The Currency Activity code was cleaned up to resolve some uncommon issues where data would fail to display.
  • Fixed several places where we incorrectly directed people to go to Discord for support, and replaced the text with a link to the support site.
  • The card history API has been reworked to return a card transfer history. Previously this would try to return all transactions a card was noted on, which would almost always time out. Example link: https://api.splinterlands.com/cards/history?id=C4-139-OH0SNBNCPS
  • The deprecated API cards\reveal_quest_reward has been fully removed. This was from the prior quest system and no longer had any functionality associated with it.
  • Some performance improvements for how we pull card collection data.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Fixed an issue where Resurrect clearing Cripple was incorrectly also restoring current health (shortly after the last patch).


Account Security & Changing Email
  • A new Account Security page has been added to the drop down option menu. From this section you can set an e-mail if none is associated with your account, verify your e-mail address is valid, change the existing e-mail on an account, change your password for your account, or request your keys after buying the Spellbook.
  • As noted above, we have added the ability to change the e-mail associated with your account in-game. This functionality requires active key authority and the new e-mail cannot already be associated with another account. Support has put together a guide for this process that can be found here.
Gameplay Updates
  • Resurrection and Rebirth have been updated to properly clear Affliction, Blind, Cripple, Halving, Poison, Snare, and Weaken. Recharging is also now reset.
General Updates
  • We have updated the way cards for sale and rent are pulled from the system to only return the 1,000 that are actually displayed. This should improve the load time for listings and reduce data transfer amounts. Previously it would return all cards for sale, then sort on the UI side.
    • For third party developers, the new API is market/market_query_by_card. An example of a basic query would be: https://api.splinterlands.com/market/market_query_by_card?id=411
      However, there’s a lot of flexibility in what market data you can query. A more complex example would be: https://api.splinterlands.com/market/market_query_by_card?id=411&gold=true&type=rent&rental_type=season&fee=400&level=3&limit=300&sort=low_price The arguments for the api are:
      • id (also accepts card_detail_id) - a required integer for the specific card to be looked up on the market.
      • gold - optional parameter that will filter to gold on ‘true’, otherwise defaults to showing regular foil.
      • type - optional parameter that will filter to rentals if ‘rent’ is given, defaults to items for sale.
      • rental_type - optional parameter, only used for rentals that will filter to seasonal rentals if ‘season’ is passed, otherwise defaults to daily rentals.
      • fee - optional parameter, integer version of the fee (i.e., 500 = 5%) that will filter to only show items that are greater than or equal to the value. Default is 500 as the normal in-game market.
      • edition - optional parameter, integer value that specifies the edition of a card. Only needed when Alpha/Beta cards share an ID. If there is only one edition of a card, it will default to that. For Alpha/Beta it will default to Alpha if not passed.
      • limit - optional parameter, integer value that limits the number of results returned. Default is 200, maximum is 1,000.
      • level - optional parameter, integer value that will only return cards whose level is of the given value. If not set, returns all cards. This overrides min_level and max_level options.
      • min_level - optional parameter, integer value that will only return cards at this level or greater. May be combined with max_level, but not level.
      • max_level - optional parameter, integer value that will only return cards at or below this value. May be combined with min_level, but not level.
      • sort - optional parameter, can be 'low_price', 'high_price', 'low_price_bcx', 'high_price_bcx', 'high_bcx', or 'low_bcx'. The default value is low_price_bcx.
  • Fixed a typo in the Terraceous Grunt lore.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Paypal purchases via Credit Card have been temporarily disabled due to issues found with processing some of those requests.


General Updates
  • Asset Locking has been extended to Titles. You can now lock Titles so that they cannot be sold or traded until they have been unlocked and the number of days has expired, in the same fashion as Cards or Deeds.
  • Two new optional parameters have been added to marketplace_purchase, market_purchase, and market_rent operations - expected_dec_price & dec_mismatch_percent. This is to cover the case where blocks are behind or a price feed is incorrect. The transaction will compare the current DEC price when processed vs. the passed in expected_dec_price value, and if the difference is greater than the dec_mismatch_percent it will reject the transaction. The expected_dec_price should be a non-zero positive floating point value and the dec_mismatch_price a non-zero positive integer.
  • Renamed Tower Defense in the Shop to Soulkeep, as the game now has a name.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Made some improvements to the data we log for promo card sales to make it easier to track what currency was spent and the number of vouchers used.


Zyriel, The first Dual-Element Card
  • Shortly after this maintenance, Zyriel will become available in the Store for purchase. For full details on this card and sale, you can see the release announcement posted here.
Gameplay Updates
  • The game has been updated to allow for multi-element cards. Although only one will currently be available with the above promotional sale at this time, the groundwork is there to add more in future sets.
  • A new rule set, Born Again, has been added that gives all monsters the Rebirth ability.
General Updates
  • Made some changes to address an issue where the game did not properly show that the game was in maintenance when calling the settings.
  • Added pagination to some land pages for better UI performance and sorting.
  • The way the active Runi image is tracked has been updated, allowing it to better persist across devices on an account.
  • We have made some changes to how we store card Market information that should allow us to better track the level of a card at the time of a sale. These are more foundational changes that are intended to be used to improve performance and provide better historical data in the near future.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue on Currency Activity where the DEC history could fail to display when navigating from Unclaimed to DEC.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Fixed an issue with game related emails, i.e. forgot password links, not sending (shortly after the last update).
  • Fixed an issue preventing the surveying of land (shortly after the last update).
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some users from making Paypal purchases.


Staked SPS Delegation
  • You can now delegate Staked Splintershards (SPS) to other players. This can be accessed via a new Manage button on the SPS screen.
  • Tournaments with SPS entry requirements will count the total of a user's Staked SPS and Delegated SPS.
  • Proposal Voting ignores Delegated SPS. Votes will still count the full Staked SPS amount a user has, and Delegated SPS cannot be used for voting.
  • Delegated SPS cannot be Unstaked. You must first cancel the Delegation before being able to Unstake that SPS.
DEC Batteries For Guild
  • You can now also use DEC-B to pay for guild building upgrades.
Land Locked
  • You may now Lock Land Deeds so they cannot be traded for a set period of days, in the same fashion as card locking. Locked Deeds cannot be traded or sold until they have been Unlocked, and the locking period initially set has expired.
  • The Lock Deed page is accessible off of the Individual Deed, Grouped Deeds, and Deed List screens via the new Lock icon.
Upcoming Promotional Card
  • The Promo page in the store has been updated with a countdown timer for the next promotional card, Zyriel. For full details on this card, you can see the release announcement posted here.
General Updates
  • The Paypal checkout interface has been updated to use their latest code.
  • Some code related to no longer used Payment methods has been removed.
  • The code for logging out was cleaned up to improve that process and prevent an issue where it would get stuck displaying a spinner on some browsers.
  • The display of pack opening notifications on Tech Modernization clients has been updated to persist and to more closely match our other notifications.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Fixed an issue with login, resetting password, and key requests.
  • Fixed an issue with claiming SPS liquidity rewards.
  • Fixed an issue with Runi profile pictures not displaying on the Mobile apps.


Less Pop-ups
  • Two options have been added to disable some Tournament and Brawl notifications. They are on by default, meaning you will receive all notifications about Brawls and Tournaments.
  • Disabling Tournament notifications will hide the Tournament Has Started, Next Round Started, Anytime Tournament Active Reminder, and 15 Minutes Check-in Reminder notifications.
  • Disabling Brawl notifications will hide the Brawl Start, Fray Assignment Changed, No Opponents Found, and Brawl In-Progress Reminder notifications.
Tech Modernization
  • The Other Items page has been moved to the Tech Modernization client.
  • An issue where some Tech Modernization pages were still accessible when the site was in maintenance has been addressed.
  • Sound has been added to a number of the land displays, if you zoom in to the individual plot display.
  • Visual effects have been added to a number of deeds on the card view.
General Updates
  • Combined the display of the DEC-SPS liquidity pool down to one entry on the UI.
  • Removed references to card “editions” and replaced them with “sets” in various game texts.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Fixed an issue with the league being set improperly on accounts that had skipped playing one or more seasons.


Guild Invite Mailbox
  • There is a new My Mailbox section under Guilds that tracks your applications and invitations to join a guild.
Land SPS Distribution Changes
  • SPS rewards for holding land will now only be given out to Surveyed lands, per the recently passed proposal. Land Tokens (plots, tracts, regions) and unsurveyed deeds will no longer give SPS. The original posted proposal can be found here.
General Updates
  • Land Survey Boosts can now be paid for with a split of DEC Batteries and DEC. If you do not have sufficient DEC Batteries, it will fulfill the remaining payment using DEC.
  • We have added the same purchase block delay to Non-Card Market items that already exists on the card market, now that land is also being sold through that interface.
  • Time Crystals are now transferrable inside the game.
  • On the Currency Activity Page, Staked SPS has been moved to be a sub-menu of SPS and DEC Batteries has been moved to be a sub-menu of DEC.
  • PayPal checkout has been updated, as some of the functionality they were offering has been removed on their end.
  • Fixed an issue where using the multi-token transfer block chain operation would accept illegal entries for the recipient.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Fixed an issue with Surveyed Deeds not counting towards SPS air drops.
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to Transfer Deeds due to a UI issue where the buttons were under another image.
  • Fixed a rare issue with balances not loading on SPS Management, Vouchers, and Tech Modernization for some users.
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong rarities being displayed in Land tool tips.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect location names on Land tool tips.
  • Fixed an issue with castle/keep sizing on some Land types.
  • Fixed an issue with the number of decimals being displayed for SPS on some Tech Modernization pages.


Land (1.0) Ho!
  • Surveying of land has been added to the game. You may now survey your land deeds to find out the details on the plots that you own! For more information on surveying, you can review the land documentation here.
  • Note: When surveying there are only guaranteed minimum rarities when surveying 100 plots (i.e. a tract) in the same transaction.
    You must select any survey boosts beforehand. Once plots are surveyed, you can no longer add a boost.
Tech Modernization
  • The SPS Management page has been moved over to the Tech Modernization client.
  • Currency Activity has been updated with an Other section that tracks DEC-B, packs, potions, totems, and any other future assets not covered in the existing sections.
  • Currency Activity → Vouchers has had in-game voucher history added.
General Updates
  • Market Expiration, or items being removed after 30 days of inactivity, has been updated to properly update collection power when cards are returned from the market. We have also turned market expiration back on.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a 2nd Bloodlust would incorrectly trigger if a monster killed by a Bloodlust monster was resurrected, but then died a 2nd time to poison or earthquake damage.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Fixed the collection power of players where there were discrepancies between cards owned, rented, and delegated versus what was on the player information.
  • Made some corrections to the rewards table to ensure that the percentages match what was published in the original article here.
  • Fixed an issue with Novice battle bots not finding Modern ranked opponents.


Market Expirations Are Here
  • Cards that have been on the market for more than 30 days, with no activity, will now be removed. Going forward this will happen regularly once cards hit the 30 day mark with no activity.
  • The Vruz promotional sale has ended and the store page will eventually be replaced with the next promo card.
Gameplay Updates
  • The card cooldown period has been extended from 1 day to 2 days, to match the minimum daily rental and energy recharge periods.
  • A new rule set, Are You Not Entertained?, has been added, which allows players to play one additional Gladiator card in a match.
More Prize Options
  • Additional prizes may now be automatically put into tournaments for distribution. Packs, Plots, and Totems can now be listed as tournament prizes for automatic distribution. Note that custom tournament prizes are still an option for other things that are not supported for automatic distribution.
General Updates
  • Fixed an issue with Refund transaction information in Currency Activity. It will now link to the cancellation transaction of the refunded card, instead of not going anywhere. Note that this will only be true of new refunds after this update.
  • The link to the Support site will now open it in a new tab on Tech Modernization pages.
  • Small enhancement to the new Promo shop page to have options for restricting sales to Hive accounts and/or Accounts with Spellbooks specifically.
  • Minor UI tweaks for the Energy sale page to fit better on mobile size screens.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Fixed an incorrect display where it noted 100 Nightmare packs needed to be purchased to get into the Soulkeep Beta (it is 500).
  • Fixed an issue where people that hard purchased 500 Nightmare packs in the pre-sale, but then sold them, couldn’t access the Soulkeep Beta.
  • Fixed an issue with the next season calculations, which was sometimes causing it to add an extra month.
  • Fixed an issue where some changes to eventually support multi-color summoners were incorrectly allowing Dragon monsters to always be valid (fixed shortly after the last release).
  • Added additional links to the Store to other markets where you can purchase Chaos Legion packs.


New Energy System
  • The energy collection rate system has been revamped to a simpler model. For a full article about this change, you can find it here. To summarize, accounts now have a limit of 50 energy, regain 1 energy per hour, and each ranked battle above Novice league costs 1 energy.
  • To make it clear, playing in Novice league no longer costs energy.
  • All former calculations for rewards will treat the energy collection rate as always being 100%.
  • You can purchase up to 50 additional energy per day at a rate determined by the highest league that you are currently earning rewards for, based upon the following chart.
Cost per 1 Energy (DEC)
Vruz Promo Card Sale
  • A new promotional card, Vruz, will be on sale for users that have at least 1,000 SPS staked. For more details, you can read the full article here.
  • This is a common rarity Dragon card, which will cost 1 Voucher each. Users may only buy 1 card per 1,000 SPS that they had actively staked during the maintenance period when this was released.
Soulkeep Closed Beta
  • The closed beta for Soulkeep, our upcoming tower defense game, is now accessible from the main menu.
  • Users that have purchased 500 or more Nightmare packs should be able to access the initial testing levels. For more details, you can see this article about the beta release.
  • Minor updates to the Tower Defense store page UI.
General Updates
  • Splinterlands Battle Bots will now respond to Practice queue requests, though they only have starter cards at this time.
  • Fixed an issue with Referrals not populating properly on the Tech Modernization Registration page.
  • Added a link to the Non-Card Market from the sold out Chaos Legion pack page.
  • Added an API requested by third parties to pull info on when a season ended, i.e. https://api.splinterlands.com/season?id=2 .
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Fixed an issue with purchasing SPS/DEC through Transak.
  • Ancient Redwood, the Riftwatchers airdrop card for 1 million packs having been sold has been released. It should also now be available to be found in packs.
  • Just in time for Chaos Legion to be sold out, the nightly automated addition of Mavericks to the newer sl-mavs QA server has been fixed.


Splinterlands Battle Bots
  • Automated free-to-play accounts, that have their rating frequently reset back to 0, have been added to Novice league to supply matches to new players.
  • Novice players will no longer be matched with Bronze players.
Tournament Approvals & UI Improvements
  • Third party tournaments with a high prize pool value will now need to be reviewed and approved by the Splinterlands team (Weirdbeard) before they will go live for player sign-ups.
  • Any unapproved tournaments that fail to start will refund the creation fee back to the tournament creator.
  • A large number of small changes have been made to improve the Streamer mode display. Some notable changes:
    • Display teeth icons in a darker shade for watched battles.
    • Increased the number of watched battles saved in local storage from 10 to 30.
    • In streamer mode, changed the VS icon state to be indicative of the battle result once all battles in a match-up are watched.
    • In streamer mode, once a tournament battle is watched, return to the Battles tab instead of the current behavior of returning to the Arena → Results tab.
General Updates
  • Fixed a longstanding bug that sometimes caused the VS icon on the battle list to vanish after watching a battle.
  • Added an Owned Soulbound filter option, to only show the Soulbound cards that you currently own.
  • Added a Tradeable filter option, to only show the cards in your collection that you own, that are not locked, that are not on the market, that are not delegated, and are not Soulbound.
  • Made some adjustments to how rental payments process to try to improve performance.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Fixed an issue with rental authority not working properly for updating rental prices (shortly after the last update).
  • Fixed an issue with new spell book purchases not getting 3,000 Credits correctly. All impacted accounts had their balances corrected.
  • Fixed the ability to make purchases of Spellbooks and Credits with Enjin.
  • Removed several currencies from the Spellbook purchases list that were only properly implemented as Credit purchase options.


Market Listing Fees & Expiration
  • Market items will now expire after 30 days. For rentals, they will only expire if they are not rented out for a period of 30 days.
  • Listing a card for sale or rent will now cost a 1 DEC or Credit fee. Changing the price on a market item will also incur this same fee.
    • Sets of items will only cost 1 DEC or Credit to list or update.
    • Listing or updating multiple items will cost 1 DEC or Credit per market entry being updated.
  • For third party developers, any operations to list items for sale or update prices will need to include a “list_fee_token” and “list_fee” value. The list_fee should be a numeric value that is the number of market items being impacted times the fee per item (1 at this time), while the list fee token should be “DEC” or “CREDITS” respectively.
Tech Modernization
  • Fixed an issue on mobile devices where you could not drag and drop packs to open them on the Mana Well.
  • Fixed an issue where a link to External Wallets was available for free-to-play, non-Hive, accounts.
General Updates
  • Fixed an issue where the Season Rental days would incorrectly round down the number of days remaining if there was less than 12 hours left in a day. It will now always round up the calculated days until end of season.
  • Added functionality to distribute Chaos Legion packs from a secondary account when the store is sold out, to meet the passed Proposal where we pulled some packs from the store to continue having a reward supply.
  • When packs run out, if a Pack would have been awarded and none are available, it will now use reward card(s) instead of a DEC amount as previous releases.
  • Fixed an issue where the Divine Shield icon would not display immediately after a monster with that ability was resurrected.
  • Fixed the display of the renter name on the card info:
  • Important Note for Third Party developers: type validation was added to most Market transactions. Where previously we would often accept a string of “100” as a numeric 100 for say a price, it will now instead reject the transaction as being invalid.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Fixed “rental_type” not showing up on the market\active_rentals API results.
  • Fixed an issue with updating the price causing issues with rentals, by incorrectly clearing the “rental_type” value from our cached market data.
  • Added filtering by “rental_type” to the market\for_rent_by_card API.
  • Fixed an issue with the SPS reward calculation for accounts that had never claimed before.
  • Fixed some issues with Mana Well display at certain screen resolutions.
  • Fixed the link on Mana Well for Gladiator packs, so it properly directs you to the Guild store.
  • Fixed an incorrect link of where to purchase Dice packs on the Hive Engine market.


Season Rentals
  • Cards may now be listed up for a Season rental duration or a Daily rental duration. Season rentals made with more than 7 days left in a season will be for the remaining days until the end of the season, if there are less than 7 days left in a season then the rental will be for the days until the end of the following season, and Daily rentals will work as they have previously. You can also read about it in this article.
  • To be clear, you pay up front for the entire duration of a Season rental and have the card for that many days.
    Note that season rentals cannot be canceled early.
  • Season rentals that are cancelled by the owner, will still be rented until the end of the season, and then come off the market. The renter cannot cancel a season rental early for a refund.
  • For third party developers, the main difference in market listings is a new rental_type property that is either "season" or "daily".
Ranked Changes
  • The rating resets at end of season have been redone as per the chart below. You can also read this article for a more detailed explanation of these changes.
Min Rating
Max Rating
Old Reset
New Reset
No Reset
Bronze III
Bronze II
Bronze I
Silver III
Silver II
Silver I
Gold III
Gold II
Gold I
Diamond III
Diamond II
Diamond I
Champion III
Champion II
Champion I
No Cap
  • The rating difference between Champion Leagues has been reduced to 300 per league, down from 500 previously.
  • The mana cap per match chances have been smoothed out, giving each value an equal chance of coming up. The limit for Novice and Bronze ranges from 12-40 mana, Silver 12-50 mana, and Gold+ 12-60 mana. There is also a 2% chance of getting unlimited, or 99, mana as the limit in a match.
  • Novice League wins will always grant +10 rating, meaning it takes 10 wins to exit Novice.
  • You will no longer reset further back in rating if you have not played any battles during a season. This is format specific, so not playing Wild will not prevent your Modern rating from resetting and vice-versa.
  • Additional messaging has been added when exiting Novice league directing players on how to purchase or rent cards.
Tech Modernization
  • The Open packs screen, known as the Mana Well, has been moved over to the Tech Modernization client.
    It does not come with this many packs outside of QA.
  • Fixed an issue with Guild Updates and Guild Chat notifications not displaying properly on Tech Modernization pages.
General Updates
  • The Steem Engine bridge has been retired.
  • Steam Backed Dollars have been retired for Credit purchases.
  • The Battle button will remain disabled for 15 minutes after the end of season, to allow time for end of season processing to complete.
  • Fixed an issue with the Market Status end-point not returning completed transactions.
  • Added a new API end point for querying completed & archived market items: markets/completed_status. This will pull up information on completed and archived market items, similar to how market/status will return entries that have not yet been archived off after completion. It takes either a single or comma separated list of market ids, i.e. https://api.splinterlands.com/market/completed_status?id=d8f8593d637ebdd0bca7994dd7e1a15d9f12efa7-0
  • Added a new API end point for querying only active market items: markets/active_status. This will pull up information on not-yet archived market items. It takes either a single or comma separated list of market ids.
  • Attempting to renew a rental that has been cancelled will now be rejected. If you are attempting to renew a group of rentals, and any of them are cancelled, this will cause the entire request to be rejected.
  • Free-To-Play non-Hive accounts will no longer have transactions proxied to the Hive blockchain. This should be invisible to end users, as all activity these accounts are allowed to do are off-chain activities.
  • Some minor text clean-up, where we were incorrectly using Splinters instead of Elements and Thorns instead of Briar Patch.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • The final Chaos Legion Summoner card, Lily Shieldpaw, has been added to the game!
  • The Going The Distance rule set icon has been modified to be more distinct from the Aim True image.
  • Fixed an issue with combining cards (immediately following the prior release).
  • Fixed a minor display issue on Land Deed purchases.
  • Fixed an issue with rentals not completing properly and returning the card to the market.
  • Fixed an issue with transferring cards incorrectly stating that they were locked.


Better Filtering, Part One
  • The Card Market, Card Collection, and Brawl Ban Selection screens have had their filtering updated to use the new Set and Subset filters.
Gameplay Updates
  • Dispel and Life Leech will no longer trigger on blast damage, just the initial target.
  • ‘Going the Distance’ and ‘Wands Out’ rulesets will no longer appear in Chaos Set only Brawls and Tournaments to avoid potential issues of not having any cards to chose from in certain ruleset combinations.
  • Scattershot changed to be able to target camouflaged Monsters (you can be as camouflaged as you want, but when they start shooting wildly you have as good a chance of getting hit as anyone else).
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect card levels being applied when doing team submission validation for Open (“Ghost Card”) Tournaments. This could lead to incorrectly surrendering when using creatures that did not have attacks at level 1 in ‘Going The Distance’, ‘Up Close And Personal’, or ‘Wands Out’ rules sets.
  • Added a Clear option for the Mana Cost selection during team creation.
Tech Modernization
  • The Licenses section of the token dashboard has been moved to the Tech Modernization client.
  • The Transfer screen for Voucher and License transfers has been moved to the Tech Modernization client.
  • When purchasing land deeds, if you do not have sufficient funds it will now warn you and not allow you to submit the transaction. DEC Pricing will also now show the cost in DEC.
  • System Notifications, on Tech Modernization pages, will now persist until clicked or the browser is refreshed.
  • Guild System messages, on Tech Modernization pages, have had a few display issues corrected.
General Updates
  • The Non-Card market will now respect purchase authority granted to other accounts.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect Title choices being displayed on the dropdown options menu when editing Player Profiles.
  • Corrected the Get More menu option for Dark Energy Crystals on Items → Other Items to go to the Tech Modernization page.
  • An End of Chaos Legion sale leaderboard page has been added, which will be available off the Chaos Legion pack page once the last million packs are reached and the last summoner is air dropped.
  • Usage of the term “Splinters” has been changed to “Elements” in various text locations, to go along with the Lore changes surrounding the use of these nomenclatures.
  • Corrected some incorrect naming in the Merdhampir & Djinn Muirat lore.
  • Updated lore for Skok Duskblight.
  • Continued changes to improve performance, notably larger changes to how cards and market listings and pulled.


Tech Modernization
  • Fixed an issue where the Purchase button was enabled on non-card Market when your balance was insufficient to pay for the item. The transaction would still fail, but skipping the part where you submit unnecessary transactions with this change.
  • Fixed the circulating supply of DEC’s value on DEC Management.
General Updates
  • The ability filter during Team Creation has been changed to improve the user experience. It now acts as two separate filters, one for Summoners and one for Monsters, depending upon if a Summoner is already selected for the team.
  • Corrected the menu options for Dark Energy Crystal Batteries on Items → Other Items to remove Transfer and Tokenize options, which didn’t have any functionality attached.
  • Updated the Transfer links for Dark Energy Crystals and Vouchers on Items → Other Items to go to the Tech Modernization pages.
  • Some small clean-up has been done around non-Hive, free-to-play accounts and what options are available to them in-game.
  • Continued small changes to work to improve performance.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • Brawl Frays have been switched over to using the new Sets, as noted in this article.
  • Gladiator use with Conscription was fixed on the Mobile app.
  • Fixed a typo where region 25 was missing, and there were two region’s labeled 26.
  • Improved the responsiveness of updating balances during Hive Engine transfers on Tech Modernization screens.
  • Fixed an issue where pending SPS/Voucher claims were not displaying properly on the Chaos Legion shop page.
  • Fixed an issue with the Vouchers total not loading if any Voucher balance was 0.
  • Fixed an issue where pulling multiple player balances did not return ECR or sorted results.


A New Epoch
  • Cards have been organized into sets, allowing us to link specific Promo and Reward cards to certain other editions. This will allow for us to have Chaos Legion as a set, which would include Doctor Blight, all of the reward cards with the Chaos Legion border, as well as the Chaos Legion and Riftwatcher’s sets. For a full breakdown of this change, please read this article.
DEC Batteries
  • The DEC Battery, or DEC-B, sale will begin on the 8th. Vouchers and Dark Energy Crystals may be spent to get DEC-B, which can be used for purchasing future items. This is an account bound token, and is not tradable. You can read more about DEC-B in this article.
Gameplay Updates
  • Fixed an issue where the Conscript summoner ability would work in the Silent Summoners rules set.
  • Fixed an issue where Dispel would remove Scavenge and Last Stand bonuses.
  • The Rules that appear in Alpha/single edition tournaments & brawls have been adjusted to skip using rules that don’t make sense or would be overly restrictive to the number of cards available.
  • The land map has had various user interface improvements.
Tech Modernization
  • The Acknowledge Gift notification has been added on Tech Modernization pages.
  • The SPS Management → Vouchers tab has been moved to the Tech Modernization client.
  • The DEC Management page has had a lot of small issues addressed.
    • The user name in DEC transfers is no longer case sensitive.
    • DEC Transfer is now the default tab, as this is the most commonly used feature when going to DEC management.
    • The DEC amount will now restrict entry to 3 decimal places.
    • DEC and SPS now share the same token Dashboard, to which DEC has been added.
Voucher Updates for SPS Validators
  • SPS Validators will effectively be a separate “chain” from the rest of the Splinterlands game and assets, similar to how Hive Engine is separate, and tokens need to be bridged between them in order to be able to be used in both places. In the case of SPS validators, this is only an issue for the VOUCHER token, since that token is used in transactions along with both SPS (managed by the SPS validator chain) and with DEC (managed by the Splinterlands game). This means that as of this update, VOUCHER tokens will be updated to be managed by the SPS validators and then will need to be bridged to the game in order to use them with Credits/DEC purchases in the shop. The bridging process should be very simple and have no fees, and the UI will be updated to make this as easy to do and understand as possible.
General Updates
  • In-Progress tournaments that you are participating in will now always be featured at the top of the tournament list (the color-coded rows), regardless of the filter selected.
  • Tournaments can now be created to start on 15 minute intervals, instead of 30 minute intervals.
  • No Attack filtering has been added to the market list of sorting options. It was already present on collection filtering.
  • Per a third party developer request, the previous season information has been added into the settings data.
  • Continued small improvements to reduce excessive database calls and improve performance.
Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release
  • A small UI tweak to address an issue where 3 rule sets did not display well on smaller screens.
  • Fixed an issue where the Brave browser wallet wasn’t working for liquidity pool claims.
  • Fixed an issue with Paypal payment processing (immediately after the last update).
  • Fixed an issue with Liquidity Pool payment population (immediately after the last update).


Rebels Without A Cause
  • A new set of 43 account bound reward cards have been added to the game! You can read this article for all of the details, but some of the main features:
    • The rarity chance for reward cards per league are as follows:
Chest Tier
Gold Foil
  • Additionally, the chances of receiving a specific type of item in each tier of loot chest will be changing a bit with this update, and the new numbers are shown below:
Reward Card
  • Alchemy and Legendary potions will now be consumed when opening reward chests, which will increase the chance of getting a gold foil card or an epic/legendary rarity card respectively.
  • A new option to disable using potions for reward chests will be added to the Settings. Using potions will be enabled by default.
  • A filter has been added to sort to your Soulbound Cards.
  • Three new abilities have been added, Conscript, Martyr, and Weapons Training.
    • Conscript is a new Summoner ability that allows one additional Gladiator to be played during a match. In the case a match is not a Brawl, this means that Gladiators will be available if a summoner with this ability is used.
    • Martyr is a new monster ability that grants adjacent monsters +1 to all stats when the monster with this ability dies.