Release Notes


  • Beta cards now give 5% DEC bonus
  • Abilities list to be sorted by name
  • More small fixes to make the market have live consistent information
  • Fix to open multiple packs on mobile
  • More small updates to correctly handle player name casing on lookups
  • Small updates to resource credits alert
  • Coinpayment popup: Added a warning for the player to add fees to their amount
  • Transak integration: This integration will enable players to buy DEC and SPS with a credit card outside the United States.
    • Coming soon we'll have similar support for US customers
  • Updated FAQ page with articles,information, quick access to submitting tickets, and more! Please check it out
  • Developer Notes
    • /market/active_rental performance enhancements
    • the market_list op will no longer accept a NaN price


  • Prep work for General Sale pages
  • Performance updates to ensure our system continues to scale with the large number of battles happening every day
  • Bug fixes around wallet UI usage when not using Hive Key Chain extension
  • Additional updates to ensure the Market landing page stays in sync
  • Battles can again be watched without logging in
  • Significant reduction in the duplicate battles issue that we’ve seen reported
  • You can now export a CSV of your 2021 account balances for SPS, Credits, DEC, and Vouchers via Balance History => Export tab
  • Developer Notes
    • Introducing support for new update_rental_price op (api docs to follow)
    • /market/for_rent_by_card and for_sale_by_card now support min_level and max_level filters (api docs to follow)
    • /market/active_rental now supports filters card_detail_id, uid, edition, gold (api docs to follow)


  • Hive Op: sm_market_list
    • properly handles casing on RENT and SELL
    • SELL requires active key
  • Stability fix for stale market volume
  • You can now press enter to login again
  • Truncating token values across the site instead of rounding
  • Handle different casing on username searches across site
  • Changed Gold and Legendary Potions to be purchases with Credits only
  • Introducing planned maintenance windows and stopping tournaments from getting created during them. Upcoming maintenance windows will be posted here: https://docs.splinterlands.com/platform/upcoming-changes


  • Typo fixing bonanza! We fixed some small grammar issues across many pages
  • Small bug fix on clicking cancel tournament signup fee
  • Market bug fix that used to result in some cards appearing to remain in the market shortly after getting purchased or rented
  • Prep work for another release coming later to help battles scale better


  • Fixing occasional issue for the low price value in the Market
  • Added confirmation if you open packs without potions
  • Added alphabetical sorting to card screen
  • Ranked Battles button will now be disabled when the actual battles are disabled
  • Moved Battle skip button so it doesn’t cover the intro
  • Fixed rare anytime event incorrect fleeing bug
  • Fix for Market History icon for Chaos Legion cards
  • Fixed issue with DEC value showing too many decimal places
  • Fixed exploit for player cancelling rentals preventing owner from cancelling rentals
  • Remove card entry validation checks for Anytime events
  • API: deprecating market/for_sale and market/for_rent


  • Minor enhancement to the Market Item Not Available validation in game. It will now also check when you check the checkbox instead of waiting for you to try to buy or rent the card
  • New Audio Settings! You can now adjust the volume of FX and Music.


  • Back-end updates for Chaos Legion Launch preparation.
  • Added warnings & notifications to the Mana Well page for when block processing is running behind.
  • Added filters on card stats to the Collection, Market, Rental, and Team Selection screens. (Community Feedback #2)
  • Added a proper 0 mana filter to the Team Selection screen.
  • Added a user setting to skip battle intro animations. (Community Feedback #13)
  • Updated graphics & minor text adjustments to the About page.


  • Market performance updates re-enabled with fixes for improved quality


We've rolled the following platform updates out today around 16:00 EST.
  • The market was updated to significantly reduce the lag between buying and listing a card and seeing those changes reflected in the market.
  • Top Battles makes its triumphant return to Splinterlands. Now with even more speed!
  • A lot of significant performance updates to the Leaderboard.
We've been working hard since that point tracking down several cases of issues on the market with gold foil cards specifically. Based on these issues, we're currently in the process of disabling several aspects of the market performance updates for the evening so we can regroup in the AM with a fresh set of eyes. We'll keep you posted.
While we're disappointed this is the result, we are excited for the other updates and glad to say we're seeing the Top Battles return to a working state.
Thanks for your continued patience with us as we gear up for the launch next week of Chaos Legion! We're geeking out with excitement just like you are to see those beautiful new cards make their show.


  • As a convenience, the SPS Staking pop up now sets the default value for Staking to the max available amount for your account. (Community Feedback #25)
  • Some behind-the-scenes preparation to ensure a smooth end to the Chaos Legion Pre-Sale, and a transition to a new Launch Countdown page after the Pre-Sale has ended.
  • Stylistic changes to the appearance of the game site's top navigation bar (changed background color & made icons / controls smaller).


  • Many behind-the-scenes small fixes to enhance the security of the game (you’ll be seeing this a lot).
  • Small scaling fix. We added a button on the profile to retrieve your Leaderboard position, this should return to being more visible in the future once we have a better scaling solution in place.
  • Battle speed will be remembered from battle to battle from the same browser. (Community Feedback #5)


  • We've rolled out a front-end change to the game to reduce the Resource Credit exhaustion issue. The Market will now double-check when you click Rent or Buy to see if the card is still available before submitting the transaction to Hive. This will hopefully dramatically improve issues when players are competing for the same market item.


  • Performance enhancements for the market.
  • Active Key is required to pay DEC tournament fees
  • Active Key is required to create a guild and contribute to a guild.
  • Added ability to sort cards in market by mana
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