Release Notes


  • Splinterlands Open has been added as a new tournament mode.
    • Splinterlands Open tournaments rely on skill rather than playable cards in a user's collection. At the beginning of each Splinterlands open tournament, all participants will be given a complete set of cards to use based on the tournament’s series, league, and foil giving each participant an equal playing field. This means that all participants will have access to the same card selection. These Decks will be built off of the selection of playable sets and their levels as determined by the Tournament League. This can include tournaments focused around high-level/expensive decks, specific tournament levels (bronze, silver, gold, etc.), gold foil, etc regardless of rank, any battle mage may compete.
  • We have removed Litecoin and Bitcoin as Spellbook purchase options, as these are currently only supported for Credit purchases through a third party.
  • The minimum Credit purchase amount now populates for all cryptocurrencies. The text on the screen has also been updated to remove the $1 minimum purchase text, which is no longer accurate for all crypto options.
  • A display bug in the BTC/LTC/ETH Simpleswap integration has been addressed. Users will no longer be able to edit the Deposit Wallet Adress as that may lead to payment errors and loss of funds.
  • The Huobi exchange has been added to the Purchase SPS screen:
  • We have added an information feature to the Airdrops screen that will allow users to hover over locked airdrop cards to see the total packs necessary for the airdrop card to be unlocked, as well as the number of packs required to receive a guaranteed airdrop card.
  • An issue where redeeming a Chain Golem promo code would result in creating the card as part of the Untamed set, even though it was moved to the Promo set, has been corrected.
  • We have added scattershot as a summoner ability in preparation for the upcoming release of Conqueror Jacek. Note that scattershot as a summoner ability will only work with Magic and Ranged attacks.
  • “Claim All” functions have been added to the Pools tab on the SPS management screen that will allow users to claim all their LP rewards held on a Selected chain.
    • Claim on BSC
    • Claim on ETH
    • Claim on Hive
  • We made changes to the Combine All processing to improve performance. *
  • Additional changes to transition Voucher payments to the SPS Validator system have been added. These are currently not active but have been put into place in preparation for the eventual transition into the SPS Validator system.
  • An issue that we believed might have resulted in unintentional draws in tournaments was patched. These draws appear to still be occurring, so this issue does not appear to be the root cause of the problem.*
  • The e-mail templates, i.e. Forgot Password, Hive Key Request, etc., have had their designs updated.
* This Item was hotfixed into the game prior to this release.


  • We have flattened the overall range of Merits earned in Chests. Players will no longer see extremely rare (Legendary) chests with thousands of Merits, but the overall number of Merits has been increased for other “luck” rolls on the number of Merits in a chest. The overall average of Merits across leagues will be the same as before this change.
  • We are once again accepting BTC, ETH, and LTC for Credit purchases! This is being done by utilizing the Simpleswap service, so higher minimum purchases may apply.
  • Some issues with Liquidity Pool rewards have been addressed
    • Issues that prevented users from claiming LP pool rewards with certain browser and wallet combinations have been addressed.
    • An issue with certain wallets not displaying rewards for Liquidity Pools has been fixed. *
  • A Bug on the User Interface of the LP reward page, that caused users who have connected only an ETH wallet or two different wallets on (BSC & ETH), to have issues with the LP rewards & claim button display has been fixed.
  • The Daily Welcome Back message has been updated. *
  • A problem with Tournaments failing to accept payments or send rewards with the THGaming token has been corrected. *
  • Some initial changes to eventually facilitate switching over to the SPS Validators for processing SPS transactions have been added. This code is currently still disabled, and everything should still function as before.
  • We corrected the Grandmaster Rathe airdrop profile picture that incorrectly had the “Death” element border color instead of a “Life” Border color. *
  • We have made a change to correct the handling of surrenders. Previously, in certain rare situations accounts could get wins without submitting a legal team when their opponent surrendered.
  • Adjustments have been made so that when a Challenge is issued and accepted, if neither player submits a team the match will be dismissed, instead of declaring the player that issued the challenge the winner.
  • We have made sure that the Active Authority is set to “On” by default for all new spellbook purchases, regardless of how the purchase was made. We also have set any remaining accounts where this was not already set, and that own a spell book, to have their ‘Require Active Authority’ set to “On” to increase security.
  • A typo on the Defend Focus description displayed on the Daily Focus screen has been corrected.
  • The option to Tokenize a License has been added to the SPS management → Licenses tab. This allows you to safely transfer them to and from Hive Engine from within the game.
  • We have removed the text that displays that you have received 3000 CREDITS on the Spell Book purchase confirmation screen when redeeming a promo code.
  • We believe we have corrected the main issue that was occasionally causing battles to fail to resolve properly. You should no longer regularly see stuck tournaments, brawls, or battles that end in a draw when both sides submitted legal teams. *
  • A new API has been added that lets users easily look at the current number of Season and focus reward-shares, and chests an account has pending. An example of this would be calling, “https://api.splinterlands.com/players/current_rewards?username=hardpoint”.
* This Item was hotfixed into the game prior to this release.


SPS Management Screen Updates
  • We have updated the SPS management page to include a POOLS tab that will allow users to claim their Liquidity Pool rewards gained from providing Liquidity for DEC, SPS, and/or Vouchers on Ethereum, BSC, or Hive, directly from their UI.
Liquidity Pools on SPS Management Screen
  • We have made changes to the Sps management pages that will allow users to copy and paste text displayed on the SPS management screens.
  • The old Claim Uniswap Rewards function has been removed from the player menu, as claim functionality is now found on the SPS Management → Pools tab
  • We have updated the text on the SPS management screen license tab to read “Node licenses are also available on the following third-party marketplaces:”
Additional Updates
  • We have corrected an error that did not count the Scarred Llama towards the bonus focus points when it is played in the daily Healing focus.
  • THGaming, a Hive Utility Token created by Threshold Guardian Gaming has been added as an option for tournament entry fees and rewards.
  • We have added the following tokens as payment options for purchasing credits.
  • The former “Nodes” Tab Header on the Splinterlands shop page has been renamed to “Licenses”
  • We have fixed the issue with a white bar displaying at the bottom of the battle screen UI on larger monitors.
  • We have updated Anytime Tournament tie-breakers to use the Modern rating for Modern format tournaments. Wild tournaments will continue to use the Wild rating as a third tie-breaker.
  • We have put measures in place that will no longer allow users to start battle matches from a Free-to-Play account without a password. Users attempting to start a battle from a Free-to-Play account without a password will receive the following error message: {'success': False, 'error': 'No transaction signature.'}
  • A caching issue that could cause cards with less than 5% market fees to not appear on third-party markets, or API calls to 'market / for_sale_by_card', has been fixed.
  • Additional minor performance improvements have been made to better the overall Splinterlands experience.
  • We have added additional logging for battle errors as we continue to try to resolve the sporadic issue where battles fail to resolve properly, causing the match to draw.
  • The old API method for claiming Uniswap rewards was disabled earlier this week. It did not work correctly with the new Liquidity Pool rewards, so was disabled until today’s update could add the new functionality.*
  • An issue that caused the market history on Peakmonsters to not display certain transactions has been corrected. Note: We are still working to back populate missing historical transactions.*
* This Item was hotfixed into the game prior to this release.


SPS Management Screen Updates
We have reworked the User Interface design of the SPS Management screen, it now offers a dashboard that allows the user to manage their SPS, vouchers, and Node licenses respectively on individual tabs as follows.
  • SPS Tab:
    • The SPS airdrop feature has been removed from the SPS management screen. However, users will still be able to claim any outstanding SPS airdrops.
  • Vouchers Tab
    • Voucher balances (In-game and on Hive Engine) are now displayed in the Voucher Tab on the SPS Management Dashboard.
    • Options to transfer vouchers to players and into/out of Hive Engine have been added to this screen
  • Nodes Tab
    • Validator Node License Balances (In-game and on Hive Engine), as well as daily vouchers & SPS earned from Validator Node Licenses, are now displayed in the Nodes Tab on the SPS Management Dashboard.
    • Options to transfer Validator Node Licenses to players and into/out of Hive Engine have been added to this screen.
Additional Updates
  • We have updated some Daily Focus tooltips and text that were out of date.
  • An issue with Brawls & Any Time tournament matches, where cards submitted on teams would not immediately go onto cool down, was corrected.
  • An Issue causing some Log-in attempts to fail has been fixed. *
  • We fixed an error that reoccurred causing accounts that purchased a Spellbook to not receive $3 worth of Credits, and we have credited these accounts accordingly.
  • We have made some code changes to fix an issue that caused canceled tournaments, or tournaments that failed to start, to not refund players.
  • The Guild Ranked View has been updated to use the greater of the modern or wild ratings for each player's Guild Rating.
  • We have banned some e-mail domains from being used to create new accounts. These domains are from temporary, or "burner", e-mail services, where the account automatically deletes after a set period. Using these domains or e-mail services would leave users without the recourse of e-mail support or e-mail confirmation of account ownership, for the accounts created on them.
* This Item was hotfixed into the game prior to this release.


Ranked Rewards Updates
  • The Daily Focus mechanics have been updated and each Ranked battle win will contribute rshares toward the Daily Focus chests, even if no daily focus cards are used. However, each card used that follows the daily focus will give a 10% bonus to the amount of focus points earned for that battle.
    • Rshare distribution has been implemented that will allow both Summoners and Monster Units to contribute to bonus rshare earnings, but only monster units that naturally have the required ability will qualify for this bonus (a monster unit that receives the required ability through summoner buffs will not qualify).
  • Higher tier Loot Chests that may contain Potions, will now contain more Potions per chest than lower tier Loot Chests.
  • Merits have been added as a possible reward in loot chests. The number of Merits received from a chest will be randomly determined in a similar manner to how the DEC chest rewards are calculated.
  • 14 Amazing new ability-based Daily Focuses have been added to the game. Note: Not all of the new daily focuses will be available in lower leagues, due to fewer cads having certain abilities at the levels allowed for those leagues.
New Ability Based Focuses
  • The feature that ensured that a player’s active Element for the Daily Focus was always available has been disabled.
  • We have changed the way that a player's Energy Capture Rate (ECR) will drain. ECR will now drain at 1% of the current ECR until it reaches 50%, after that the ECR will drain at a rate of 5% of the current ECR per ranked battle played.
  • Splinterlands documentation has been updated to reflect ranked rewards changes.
Additional Updates
  • The daily Welcome Back screen has been updated.
  • New Splinterlands accounts that acquire a Spellbook by using a Promo Code will no longer receive $3 worth of Credits.
  • The minimum amount of time that a card can be rented has been changed to 2 days, rather than the current minimum time of 1 day.
  • An issue where the League advancement message would re-appear if you had dropped down a league due to rating loss, then regained enough rating to advance has been corrected. *
  • We have fixed a bug that caused players with zero battles to be displayed on the Leaderboard.
  • Improved SPS delivery! The transparency has been removed from the new SPS claim animation.
SPS Claim Animation
  • A bug that caused Modern battles to display as a Wild battle in the Modern Top Battles List has been fixed.
  • New Modern and Wild league badge art have been added to the game!
  • We have implemented a Captcha for the Splinterlands account creation of free accounts. This is meant to address issues with automated account scripts accidentally, or maliciously, creating vast quantities of unused free accounts.
Captcha Added To Free Account Creation
  • Additional checks have been added to some market transactions, which should improve performance by preventing unneeded database calls.
  • We have made some changes to support the upcoming Liquidity Pool reward system. See this post for more info.
* This Item was hotfixed into the game prior to this release.


  • We have fixed an error that caused cards not to enter a cooldown period properly when delegated. We have also fixed an issue where when listing a card for rent, it would not display that the card was on cooldown. You would still receive an error when trying to list it, but now it prompts you ahead of time.
  • We have implemented a fix to try to address the unintentional flees/draws that started occurring after the last patch.
  • We have fixed a reported bug with the new update price function on the market that caused cards to get listed incorrectly. *
  • We have fixed an issue with new accounts that bought a Spellbook but did not receive $3 in credits after the Modern & Wild update.*
  • The Chain Golem image has been fixed and is now displaying correctly in Peakmonsters.*
  • We have made a change to better address errors when Simpleswap transactions fail. * * These items were already hot fixed to production last week.


  • We have fixed a display error with the DEC and SPS conversion rate in Hive.
  • Since free accounts can no longer hold DEC or SPS, we have removed both DEC and SPS as payment options for Spellbooks for the time being.
  • We have made changes to how updating the price of cards for sale and rent is handled. Related to this, bulk purchases on the in-game card market will once again go through for any cards that are still for sale, instead of failing if any single card is no longer available.
  • Tutorial screen:
    • Some minor text changes have been made on the tutorial screen to more accurately reflect the addition of Chaos Legion starter cards.
    • The display at the end of the Tutorial has been renovated. It will no longer reflect ratings gained in the battle results since players do not actually gain any rating from the tutorial match.
    • An issue where trying to reload the browser during the Tutorial fight, that caused the UI to error, has been corrected. You will now reload back to the main Battle Results screen.
  • UI Changes:
    • The referral field when signing up for Splinterlands is no longer case-sensitive.
    • A few bad image references have been removed from the User Interface. You should now see fewer error messages in browser console logs.
    • There were some minor UI adjustments made to the Novice battle results to better center the information displayed.
  • We have added additional checks around resolving battles to hopefully prevent tournaments and brawls from getting stuck. If the error occurs that would have normally caused a match to get "stuck", it should now automatically result in a draw.
  • The Copyright year on the Splinterlands site has been updated to reflect the current year as per the system clock.
  • An Edition check has been added to prioritize using Alpha cards over Beta cards when selecting cards for battle. Alpha cards will now always appear if you also have a Beta card of identical level and gold foil.
  • We have fixed the sound icon on reward screens that would incorrectly always display as ‘Enabled’ initially, even when sound was disabled.
  • We have removed the warning that appears using when using starter cards in battles from tournaments and brawls. This warning message should now only appear in Ranked battles.
  • An additional option has been added to the card drop-down filter on the Select Team screen that allows users to view monsters with no attack ability.
  • A text button that allows users to replay their previous daily focus reward has been added to the Daily Focus details screen.
  • The end-of-season text was updated to better reflect the new Ranked Rewards system.
  • Due to a third-party service no longer accepting US-based customers, some Cryptocurrency payment options have been temporarily disabled. Specifically, BTC, BCH, ETH, ETN, & LTC will be unavailable while we work on adding a replacement service for these currencies.
  • Some accounts still had Mystery Potions on their account balance, even though they were previously refunded. These have been cleared and should no longer appear in the Other Items screen.


  • Ranked Rewards: (For more details on these changes, please visit the following post at Splinterlands on Hive:
    Upcoming Changes to the new Ranked Reward System | PeakD
    • The type of the Daily Focus reward chests will now be based on the players' current league at the time that Focus begins, instead of the highest league achieved during the previous season.
    • Rshare calculation has been updated to further incentivize card ownership or renting.
  • We have updated the Balance History Exports page, it will now use the player join date or default to 2018 instead of fetching the earliest balance history record. This was done to improve the loading speed of the Balance History export page and address issues for accounts that have a large amount of historical data.
  • Some UI issues on the Buy DEC/SPS screens that caused the price to display incorrectly have been corrected.
  • Changes were made that will allow more than one tournament to end at the same time. (We will start with allowing 3 tournaments to end at the same time as opposed to only allowing 2 tournaments to end at a time, prior to this change.)
  • We have replaced the old SPS Claim Animation (Spinning Teeth) with an exciting new Spinner animation:
Claim SPS Animation
  • The Transak memo field has been changed to read-only and will remain hidden so that users can not change the wallet address or the memo field during the Transak purchase process.
  • A minor typo on the Waka Splinterblade Lore page has been corrected.


  • An issue logging in using Hive Signer has been corrected.
  • Some improvements have been made to token transfer handling. Invalid transfers, such as zero amounts, will now be rejected earlier to improve performance.


  • A text spacing issue with Chaos Legion cards, on the Team Creation screen and when hovering over a card in battle, has been fixed.
  • The default setting for card displays has been changed to Regular & Gold Foil Cards. Once a user has changed this filter to their preferred view, the selection they have chosen will be remembered and displayed the next time they view cards.
  • Some changes were made to the caching of player information to try to address users seeing old data when they refresh their browser.
  • Balance History has been changed to Currency Activity. This portion shows the history of transfers. The UI of Currency Activity has also been reworked to allow users to export custom history ranges, limited to a 1 year period.
Currency Activity - Perviously known as Balance History
  • The ‘Buy DEC’ screen has been updated and more information has been added to it.
  • When attempting to purchase multiple cards, if one of them is unavailable the entire purchase will now fail.
  • A few small UI fixes/improvements were made to the Buy SPS screen.
  • We have added a Unique User ID field to the player information (player_uuid), this was added to make it easier to track accounts, from being a free account to having purchased a Spellbook.
  • Improvements were made to the way posting keys are checked for login to pick up when they have been changed externally.
  • The Market/History API results will now be able to include Sets of Cards information.
  • We have added additional validation checks on log-in that will reject attempts that pass invalid information.


  • We have updated the Referral/Affiliate page so that it splits the relevant data being displayed into separate pages to improve performance for accounts with a large number of referrals.
  • The ‘Buy SPS’ screen has been updated and more information has been added to it. We are expecting to make similar updates to the ‘Buy DEC’ screen shortly.
  • Additional measures have been taken to hide opponent details that could be viewed on API calls.
  • The abilities section of Splinterlands card units has been adjusted so that it can support the display of 5 abilities per card.
  • A minor typo in the Lore of Blinding Reflector has been amended.
  • We've added some additional UI elements to the Season/Daily details pages including a display of some point totals and additional league display text.
  • The tooltip message displayed for Licenses remaining has been updated to read as follows: ”This is the number of licenses remaining in the current tranche. After this sells out the next tranche will begin. The sooner you get yours the lower your price, and the sooner you can take advantage of any increase in value of SPS and Vouchers.”
  • Some changes were made to the battle system so that expired battles would get processed more efficiently and to prevent users from getting stuck in the battle queue waiting on a match to resolve.
  • The DEC information on the battle results screen has been fixed so that it no longer displays a message for users in Bronze III, to get to Bronze III to earn DEC, when they earn 0 DEC due to very low ECR or because they are using Starter cards.
  • We corrected a rare form of account creation, where Active Authority was not getting properly set as required by default.
  • Voucher Airdrops for Validator Node License holders have been enabled. For more details regarding this please view Validator Node License Rewards.


  • The New Ranked Rewards system went live today.
  • We have successfully added 12 new Rewards Cards to the game, that will be available in Loot Chests from today.
  • The Stats of the following Rewards Cards were adjusted so that the stats increase at every respective level:
    • Djinn Renova (Epic Life Unit Reward Card)
    • Barking Spider (Common Earth Unit)


  • The new Ranked reward system has been added to Splinterlands - The main features have been set to activate at the start of the next season. Full details can be found in the Official Splinterlands Hive Post.
  • The following updates regarding the new Ranked Rewards system will be in effect immediately:
    • DEC earnings will be reduced for each starter card used in Ranked play.
    • Starter cards will now show as such during team creation.
    • Some minor UI updates to League Info and other screens.
    • New accounts that purchase a spell book will start with 3,000 Credits.
    • Accounts that purchased a Spellbook in the past month will also receive a 3,000 Credit airdrop to get them started in the new reward system.
    • Quest potions have been removed and anyone that owned them has been refunded in DEC.
  • We have capped the DEC rewards to match up with the limit of the database field size to prevent errors. This would occur on QA servers due to a lack of active ranked play and is unlikely to impact real ranked play.
  • The Store accessibility has been improved to add more screen reader functionality to the Store page.
  • Mute/Unmute buttons have been added to the pack opening & reward opening screens. These will not display if you have enabled the setting to mute all sounds.
  • Changes have been made to better match accented names in the PayPal verification process.
  • The SPS APR tooltip in the hover-over information icon has been updated to include that APR calculations include SPS and voucher rewards.


  • We have added the Validator Presale shop page to Splinterlands. This page can be found in the Splinterlands shop under the ‘Nodes’ tab.
Validator License Presale
  • In preparation for the release of SPS Validators we have made some changes to the way that Vouchers are distributed:
    • Vouchers will no longer be automatically added directly to Splinterlands accounts, this has been put into place to spread the load of updating player balances after vouchers are distributed.
    • You will now be able to view and claim your distributed vouchers on the SPS Management page in the rewards section.
Claim Rewards
  • In an attempt to stop automated systems from reading pending card rental or sales transactions and buying/renting cards before they are listed on the market, we have disallowed cards to be purchased or rented within the same block that the transaction was initially created. Currently, there is a 3 block (about 9 seconds) delay before a card can be purchased, after being listed. We may adjust this time in the future based on data collected and player feedback.
  • We have fixed an issue that could lead to some users seeing gaps in their balance history. The data should now appear correctly in the game.
  • A rare issue that caused accounts to not get created properly if the account was created from a blockchain transaction interacting with the game instead of through the APIs or site has been fixed.
  • Brawls that are in process during maintenance periods will no longer end during these times. Brawls that would end during maintenance periods will be extended automatically by one day to avoid ending during potential maintenance periods.
  • An issue with Market filters not persisting properly has been corrected.
  • A timing issue with some Terablock transactions has been corrected.
  • We have made the following changes to Dark Energy Crystals (DEC):
    • Chaos Legion packs can now be bought with DEC.
    • Potions can once again be bought with DEC.
    • Players will no longer be able to buy Credits with DEC.
    • DEC will be accepted as the same value as 1 Credit for these purchases.


  • The text for purchase order transactions has been amended to include DEC or SPS in the confirmation and order successful notice.
  • We have made changes to the Main Market Display to allow it to synchronize more accurately with the actual items listed on the market.
  • We have worked towards improving the performance of the Market View page.
  • The Stats for Delwyn Dragonscale (Common Dragon Summoner) have been fixed so that it now displays the card levels correctly.
  • We have added Vouchers as an option for tournament fees as well as prizes. 
  • Minor changes have been made to improve the way that names, from the KYC information, are checked for Paypal purchases.
  • The issue that allowed players to challenge an opponent while not being logged into the game has been fixed. If a user is not logged in and selects the option to challenge an opponent to battle, the login screen will pop up.
  • The TerraBlock issue that allowed players to start a transfer while not being logged into the game has been fixed. If a user is not logged in and attempts to start a transfer, the login screen will pop up.
  • The Next Event image link on the homepage has been fixed and it will navigate to that tournament event page, instead of linking back to the home page.
  • Fixed an issue with referral links not always working properly on mobile devices.
  • UI Fixes were introduced to the Battle Results screen to correct the issue of the Capture Rate not displaying on the Battle Results screen.
  • We have stopped users from getting flagged for too many login attempts in the case of the Splinterlands services being intentionally down, by blocking the login attempts during planned downtime. Please Note: Restrictions to prevent DDOS attacks are still in place, so please don’t spam the servers to avoid an IP ban.
  • We have added a system errors message to inform players that tournament matches will be unavailable during maintenance mode to reduce the amounts of tournament match queries going through the system.
  • We have addressed some issues that allowed tournaments to be scheduled during planned maintenance downtime.


  • We have made some changes to improve the overall performance of Splinterlands. These changes will be predominantly noticeable for market-related operations.


  • The following performance enhancements have been made to improve the Splinterlands experience:
    • The processing for the market, battles, and logins has been improved.
    • Updates were made to improve the card combination process with large 'Combine All' operations.
    • Improvements have been made to the match-making processes.
    • We have implemented updates to the Balance History performance.
    • Changes have been made to improve the Splinterlands Login performance.
  • We have adjusted the rental expiration timer to correct the issue that was causing some rentals to fail incorrectly.
  • The daily message about validator nodes (login message) has been updated.
  • Additional changes have been made to PayPal checks so that the details entered on the PayPal account could get matched to the details provided on the KYC documents more accurately.
  • Additional identifying information related to the opponent's recently played teams on the “Match Begins” screen has been concealed.
  • Tournament creation has been updated and will no longer accept tournaments created with a negative prize value.
  • We have brought back the feature to Guilds that allows it to display when Guild Members are online.
  • The active rentals API (market/active_rentals) now requires a "limit" argument be passed in, which will limit the number of results returned. The current limit on results is set at 1,000 records.
  • We have made minor UI updates to gift notifications.


  • We have made changes to work towards rectifying the sporadic issue with unresolved brawls that cause the entire fray to get stuck at an unresolved stage once the allocated time runs out.
  • The SPS/DEC conversion screen has been adjusted to show the correct price for 1 DEC/SPS to Hive on the Transak UI instead of the incorrect dollar amount.
  • The SPS Claim Time Stamp Error text has been changed to a more user-friendly description, it will now read as follows: ”Invalid or unspecified "ts" (timestamp) parameter - try enabling sync Internet time on your device."
  • We have disabled EOS payments as a Credit purchase option.
  • The ranked battles have been updated so that the player will now still be able to submit a team and get credit towards daily quests even if their opponent surrenders.
  • We will be preventing players from being matched against themselves in battles. This was a very rare issue that was reported, and any possibility of this happing again in the future has been eliminated.
  • The end-of-season timer has been adjusted, so that it accurately reflects the end of the season, instead of the timer ending 5 minutes before the season end. Please Note that ranked battles will still be disabled for the last 5 minutes of the Season.
  • We have implemented a user-friendly tournament refund system, that will refund players that have paid to participate in a tournament that they will no longer be able to participate in because they have dropped below the minimum power requirements after signing up for the tournament.
  • The Alternate Tournament Fee validation has been corrected so that it will now accept 1 of a particular currency eg. 1 DEC, 1 SPS, 1 Hive, etc
  • We have made some performance improvements to Battle processing to try to address getting stuck waiting for the match to resolve.
  • To help prevent win trading, we plan on changing the information displayed on the “Enemy Found” screen.
    • “Enemy found” will be changed to “Match begins”
    • The opponent’s name will no longer be displayed in ranked battles.
    • The Recently Played teams displaying the last 5 battles on the ‘Enemy Found’ screen when entering into battle will no longer display surrendered matches for opponents. Please note that the last 5 battles will be reset with this update and only start populating with battles that have occurred following this change.

  • We have implemented changes that will reduce the number of repeated notifications appearing on the user’s screen after subsequent logins.
  • Users will no longer get pop-up notifications in ranked battles of duplicate battle processing attempts.
  • Users will now be able to acknowledge all received gifts with a single click, instead of having to scroll through all the gifted cards.
  • Cards listed for Sale or Rent will no longer incorrectly appear as available for Challenge matches.
  • We have addressed a rare issue where cards on cooldown could still be put up for rent.
  • We have reviewed the way that the system selects the cards that are used for battle. If a user has multiple cards of the same level in one account (owned, rented, or through delegation), the system will select cards used for battle in the following order:
    • Cards will be selected by level, if the levels are tied Gold foil cards will be selected.
    • If the level and the Gold foil cards are tied, cards not owned by the user (rented or delegated cards) will be selected.
    • If the level, Gold foil cards, and ownership are tied, the most recently used cards will be selected.
    • Lastly, should the most recently used cards be tied, the card ID will be used to select the card used in battle.
  • We have made some improvements to the new Leaderboard implementation processing and corrected an issue with the display of Champion standings when some accounts have low power.
  • Players will now be notified of a battle victory if their opponent does not queue for a single-elimination tournament battle before the battle selection timer runs out.
  • We have made improvements to the current Tournaments Page Filters. Users will now be able to navigate between the main “Tournament View” page and the individual tournament view pages without losing their filter settings.
  • Updates to the UI on the Spellbook Purchase page to clarify wording with regards to the Bronze II requirement for earning DEC. The UI text will now read as follows: ~ “Purchasing a Summoner’s Spellbook allows you, the Battle Mage, to harness the elemental magic contained within its pages. With it, you can earn daily quest and season rewards, compete in tournaments, purchase packs, battle your way to higher leagues and even better rewards, and more! Unlock the magic of the Splinterlands now!”
  • Mana Well Notifications Update:
    • We have added a notification to request that players do not submit multiple requests when there is high traffic and blocks are behind, or if there is a delay in opening packs.
    • 'Pack Ready to Open” Notification has been added.
    • A Pack opening time notification was added
  • The Chaos Legion Lore will be updated in the JSON files to correct spelling errors for the following cards:
    • Fungus Fiend (Earth)
    • Dax Paragon (Light)
    • Obsidian (Earth Summoner)
    • Cursed Windeku (Death) Lore will be updated to include a section of the lore that was cut off early in previous releases.
  • WAX “All Access” login option has been removed.
  • We will be integrating the Coinbase Wallet log-in to enable users to log into their Splinterlands account with their Coinbase wallet. Please note that this is simply a Coinbase Wallet that can be used to log into your Splinterlands account with, SPS is NOT listed on coinbase.com
  • To streamline the new user signup process, we have added a text that explains the username requirements to the new user and stipulates that the username can't start with a number.
  • In an attempt to protect new crypto users from accidentally entering their contract addresses instead of their own address in the linked wallets, which could lead to a loss of funds, we will no longer allow contract addresses to be entered into linked wallets.
  • Battle screens have been adapted so that they can work with screen readers to improve accessibility for the visually impaired.
    • Screen readers will now be able to read images to convey card stats,
    • and users will be able to select cards for battle without the use of a mouse.
  • We have included additional checks involved in PayPal purchases that will now require the details entered on the PayPal account to match with the details on the KYC (Know Your Client) documents provided for each account. If a purchase is attempted and the PayPal account information does not match the KYC documents, an error message will be shown and you will not be charged.
  • We have made additional changes to reject invalid new account information being submitted.
  • We have improved the performance of the player login processing.
  • We have made it easier for Splinterlands users to trigger the hover-over information icon :info: on the ‘Battle Results’ screen.
  • A “Hide” button has been added to the Tutorial screen that will allow users to hide text if it covers target buttons.
  • We have fixed the error of the estimated value of the card not displaying correctly when navigating directly to a card’s page with your browser. When viewing a card by going directly to the card page (putting the URL to view a card directly into the navigator), you will now be able to view the accurate estimated value of that card
  • We have resolved the following API issues:
    • PeakMonsters reported that the active_rentals API call is slow, we improved the performance in order to resolve this issue.
    • PeakMonsters reported that the 'market / for_sale_by_card' API would not display cards with less than 5% market fees in some cases.
    • Add limit and offset to /market/rental_history. The rental history API now limits the size of data returned, and accepts limit and offset arguments.
  • The following changes have been made to the Terablock frontend:
    • Users will no longer be able to complete transfers if the amount received is a negative value after gas fees have been deducted.
    • Users with an invalid wallet address on their account will no longer be able to initiate a transaction.


  • Updated SplinterBites!
  • Fixed Chest Animation on SPS management page
  • Prevent cards currently listed on the rental market from being submitted into battle
  • Prevent multiple pop-up windows appearing on screen when accepting challenges if the View button is pressed multiple times
  • Fix an issue that occurred following the previous changes made on the rental market card cooldown, in order to ensure that cards can be rented out directly after rental cancellations, and not be susceptible to a cooldown period
  • Allow the new Peakmonsters PKM token to be used in tournaments
  • Fix to work towards rectifying the sporadic issue with unresolved brawls that causes the entire fray to get stuck at an unresolved stage once the allocated time runs out
  • Update the Leaderboard reward system to enforce the Leaderboard’s Collection Power (CP) requirements to earn Leaderboard DEC rewards
    • Falling below the requirements will now display “Low Power” on the leaderboard screen
    • Falling below the requirements will now display “Low Power” on the the rating window
  • Rectify the display layout for the Stats tab on cards, to fix a spacing issue with the following cards:
    • Adelade Brightwing
    • Quora Towershead


  • Switched over to TeraBlock gateway for ETH/BSC bridge transfers
  • Updated Waka Promo Page
    • Page is labeled as "Special"
    • Removed the "Dice" page
  • Fixed Challenges
    • Note: Team is aware of a little lag when accepting Challenges, will enhance next release
  • Added new Estimated Power column in the Stats page of cards
  • Fully prevent any card with an active cooldown to be listed on the rental market
  • Increased mana cap for Silver/Gold league battles
  • Introduced new SPS staking capabilities
  • Reduced Credit/DEC/SPS balances count to 1.5 seconds (was 3 seconds)
  • Prevent accounts without a spellbook from creating a guild
  • Fixed the graphical issue in the tutorial
  • Fixed visual bug with Eleven Defender when in battle
  • Updated Shop link in the footer to direct to the proper shop page
  • Fixed signing SPS Claims from Tron based assets


  • Chaos Legion has entered the arena! The following changes are implemented for all brawls:
    • There will no longer be “Untamed Only” frays. These will be replaced with “Chaos Legion Only” frays.
    • There will no longer be “Untamed + Dice Only” frays. These will be replaced with “Untamed + Dice + Chaos Legion Only” frays.


  • Prep work for Waka page, ready for sale
    • 1 more day
  • Add a $10 minimum to PayPal credit purchases
  • Increase max purchase amount for SPS/DEC
    • DEC Max = 20M
    • SPS Max = 500k
  • Add check for spellbook when joining a guild
  • Fixed bug where the Waka page was the default link when trying to buy a spellbook


  • Prevented players from being able to buy or rent from themselves
  • Disabled end of season reward claim button if the processor is behind on blocks
    • Should ease the process of end of season rewards and allow the processor to catch up without overloading it
  • Added the ability to require KYC for tournaments
  • Fixed a small collection power bug with Alpha cards that were converted to Beta
  • Fixed the “Show Rank” button on the player profile pop up
    • Shows the League and the overall rank of the player
  • Fixed bug that still charged the entry fee when players entered the wrong password for private tournaments
  • Enhanced internal authentication system and market operations
  • Reinstated the Transak Integration
    • Enables players the ability to buy DEC and SPS with a credit card (restricts US residents)
  • Added a new “Qualified” filter to the Rule Types on the Events page
    • Shows only the events that you qualify for


  • Ensure Heal, Cleanse, Tank Heal, Triage and Repair can happen while recharging. “the Uriel The Purifier fix”
  • Disabled ability to list cards for rental while they are on a cooldown.
  • Change FAQ to Help to better describe all the new functionality. Also, Help now opens in a new tab.
  • Fixed a few broken Discord links across the site.
  • Removed ability to acquire any assets (cards, credits, DEC, SPS) without a hive account.
  • Many performance enhancements to battles and leaderboard.
  • Fixed the potions warning to not apply to items that do not use potions
  • Added Summoner Level info to battle screen
  • Added CL packs as possible reward to loot chests
  • Added POWER column for market and rental cards
  • Disable ability to unstake amounts lower than .04 SPS to ensure the proper amounts are unstaked per week
  • Note: We aren’t quite ready to re-enable Transak but the team continues to work on it and won’t stop until it’s ready to be re-enabled.


  • Beta cards now give 5% DEC bonus
  • Abilities list to be sorted by name
  • More small fixes to make the market have live consistent information
  • Fix to open multiple packs on mobile
  • More small updates to correctly handle player name casing on lookups
  • Small updates to resource credits alert
  • Coinpayment popup: Added a warning for the player to add fees to their amount
  • Transak integration: This integration will enable players to buy DEC and SPS with a credit card outside the United States. This feature has been temporarily disabled but we expect to be able to turn it back on during our next release.
  • Updated FAQ page with articles, information, quick access to submitting tickets, and more! Please check it out
  • Developer Notes
    • /market/active_rental performance enhancements
    • the market_list op will no longer accept a NaN price


  • Prep work for General Sale pages
  • Performance updates to ensure our system continues to scale with the large number of battles happening every day
  • Bug fixes around wallet UI usage when not using Hive Key Chain extension
  • Additional updates to ensure the Market landing page stays in sync
  • Battles can again be watched without logging in
  • Significant reduction in the duplicate battles issue that we’ve seen reported
  • You can now export a CSV of your 2021 account balances for SPS, Credits, DEC, and Vouchers via Balance History => Export tab
  • Developer Notes
    • Introducing support for new update_rental_price op (api docs to follow)
    • /market/for_rent_by_card and for_sale_by_card now support min_level and max_level filters (api docs to follow)
    • /market/active_rental now supports filters card_detail_id, uid, edition, gold (api docs to follow)


  • Hive Op: sm_market_list
    • properly handles casing on RENT and SELL
    • SELL requires active key
  • Stability fix for stale market volume
  • You can now press enter to log in again
  • Truncating token values across the site instead of rounding
  • Handle different casing on username searches across the site
  • Changed Gold and Legendary Potions to be purchased with Credits only
  • Introducing planned maintenance windows and stopping tournaments from getting created during them. Upcoming maintenance windows will be posted here: https://docs.splinterlands.com/platform/upcoming-changes


  • Typo fixing bonanza! We fixed some small grammar issues across many pages
  • Small bugfix on clicking cancel tournament signup fee
  • Market bug fix that used to result in some cards appearing to remain in the market shortly after getting purchased or rented
  • Prep work for another release coming later to help battles scale better


  • Fixing occasional issue for the low price value in the Market
  • Added confirmation if you open packs without potions
  • Added alphabetical sorting to card screen
  • The Ranked Battles button will now be disabled when the actual battles are disabled
  • Moved the Battle skip button so it doesn’t cover the intro
  • Fixed rare anytime event incorrect fleeing bug
  • Fix for Market History icon for Chaos Legion cards
  • Fixed issue with DEC value showing too many decimal places
  • Fixed exploit for player cancelling rentals preventing owner from cancelling rentals
  • Remove card entry validation checks for Anytime events
  • API: deprecating market/for_sale and market/for_rent


  • Minor enhancement to the Market Item Not Available validation in-game. It will now also check when you check the checkbox instead of waiting for you to try to buy or rent the card
  • New Audio Settings! You can now adjust the volume of FX and Music.


  • Back-end updates for Chaos Legion Launch preparation.
  • Added warnings & notifications to the Mana Well page for when block processing is running behind.
  • Added filters on card stats to the Collection, Market, Rental, and Team Selection screens. (Community Feedback #2)
  • Added a proper 0 mana filter to the Team Selection screen.
  • Added a user setting to skip battle intro animations. (Community Feedback #13)
  • Updated graphics & minor text adjustments to the About page.


  • Market performance updates re-enabled with fixes for improved quality


We've rolled the following platform updates out today around 16:00 EST.
  • The market was updated to significantly reduce the lag between buying and listing a card and seeing those changes reflected in the market.
  • Top Battles makes its triumphant return to Splinterlands. Now with even more speed!
  • A lot of significant performance updates to the Leaderboard.
We've been working hard since that point tracking down several cases of issues on the market with gold foil cards specifically. Based on these issues, we're currently in the process of disabling several aspects of the market performance updates for the evening so we can regroup in the AM with a fresh set of eyes. We'll keep you posted.
While we're disappointed this is the result, we are excited for the other updates and glad to say we're seeing the Top Battles return to a working state.
Thanks for your continued patience with us as we gear up for the launch next week of Chaos Legion! We're geeking out with excitement just like you are to see those beautiful new cards make their show.


  • As a convenience, the SPS Staking pop up now sets the default value for Staking to the max available amount for your account. (Community Feedback #25)
  • Some behind-the-scenes preparation to ensure a smooth end to the Chaos Legion Pre-Sale, and a transition to a new Launch Countdown page after the Pre-Sale has ended.
  • Stylistic changes to the appearance of the game site's top navigation bar (changed background color & made icons / controls smaller).


  • Many behind-the-scenes small fixes to enhance the security of the game (you’ll be seeing this a lot).
  • Small scaling fix. We added a button on the profile to retrieve your Leaderboard position, this should return to being more visible in the future once we have a better scaling solution in place.
  • Battle speed will be remembered from battle to battle from the same browser. (Community Feedback #5)


  • We've rolled out a front-end change to the game to reduce the Resource Credit exhaustion issue. The Market will now double-check when you click Rent or Buy to see if the card is still available before submitting the transaction to Hive. This will hopefully dramatically improve issues when players are competing for the same market item.


  • Performance enhancements for the market.
  • Active Key is required to pay DEC tournament fees
  • Active Key is required to create a guild and contribute to a guild.
  • Added ability to sort cards in the market by mana