Delegating Cards

Cards can be easily delegated to another Splinterlands account through the Collection page.

Delegating Cards

Cards can be easily delegated (Loaned) to another Splinterlands account through the Card Collection page.
Delegation is the tool that makes card rentals possible through smart contracts. When you have delegated a card to another player, it is:
  • Still owned by you.
  • Playable by the person to whom it is delegated (delegatee).
  • Counted toward the delegatee's collection power instead of yours.
  • Subject to a cooldown period of 24 hours from when you last played it.
  • Visible in your collection when you choose the Delegated Out option from the filters as pictured below.

To Delegate a Card

First, find the card in your card collection that you wish to delegate to another player, then check the box to the left to select the card that you would like to delegate. Next, click on the 'Delegate Cards' icon (two arrows) at the top right of the collection menu.
This will open up a delegation action window where you will need to enter the name of the player to whom you would like to delegate the card. Please note that it is unnecessary to add an @ symbol and that all characters must be lowercase.
To complete your transaction, click on the 'Delegate' button at the bottom of this screen.
If you have played with the card recently, it will still be subject to a cooldown period before being playable by the other player.

Removing Delegations

Should you wish to remove a delegation, you will need to locate the card you wish to remove from your collection. You can also find delegated cards using the filter dropdown and selecting 'Delegated Out.'.
Cards delegated out are indicated by a lit icon of 2 opposite-facing arrows. To remove the delegation, click the 'Delegate' icon to cancel the delegation. The card will be returned to your playable collection immediately but will be subject to a cooldown period if it has been recently played.