Loot Chests

Splinterlands Reward loot always comes in shiny treasure chests called Loot Chests.

There are different loot chests (one for each league) earned for the season and daily focus rewards.

Note that the Daily Focus chest tier is based on the current best league between the Modern & Wild formats at the time the Daily Focus is started, while the Season rewards chest tier is based on the maximum league achieved in the previous season between the Modern & Wild formats.

Each chest will have at least one item in it: Some SPS, Potion(s), a Chaos Legion pack, Merits, or a Reward Card. Higher-level chests will have either more SPS, Merits, Potions, or better chances of higher valued rewards. The details of the rewards for each type of chest are shown in the table below:

The percentages for SPS, Reward Cards, Potions, Merits, and Packs show the chances of a single chest of that type containing that type of reward.

The Token Multiplier:

The "Token Multiplier" is a multiplier on the amount of Merits or Potions that can be earned from that type of chest. For example, if a chest previously would get 5 Merits, then a new Bronze level chest would get the same 5 Merits (since it has a 1x multiplier), but a new Silver level chest would get 10 Merits (with its 2x multiplier), and a new Champion level chest would get 160 Merits after applying the 32x multiplier!

Gold/Rarity Boost:

Each type of chest will have a different chance of receiving a legendary or gold foil reward card. For example, Bronze chests will have a 0.2% of a legendary card and a 0.5% chance of any card being a gold foil while Champion chests will have a 3.2% chance of a legendary card and an 8% chance of any card being a gold foil. All gold and rarity percentages can be seen in the table above.

Rewards Cards:

There are currently 33 reward cards that can be found in Loot Chests with new Reward cards released periodically to replace old cards that reach their print limit.

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