Providing Liquidity (SPS)

Decentralized Exchanges require liquidity provided by users. These are the various places you can provide liquidity in SPS or Vouchers.

Splinterlands rewards players who support the health of our token economies. Decentralized reserves set up for the purpose of swapping between two currencies are known as Liquidity Pools. Players who stake their funds within these reserves will qualify to claim ongoing distributions of SPS and DEC.

Providing SPS Liquidity

By going to the SPS management page and then selecting the Pools tab you can quickly and easily select the SPS liquidity pool that you would like to participate in from the onscreen selection and then click on Manage Liquidity to be redirected to the relevant Liquidity Pool.

SPS Liquidity can be provided on PancakeSwap (BSC), SushiSwap (Ethereum) and Tribaldex

SPS Liquidity Pool Rewards

Once you have provided SPS Liquidity on one of the selected Liquidity Pools, you will automatically be eligible to receive Liquidity Pool Rewards from the associated SPS liquidity Pool.

The SPS whitepaper has set aside 7.5M SPS tokens per month for liquidity provider rewards. These rewards are split between the following pools:

Claiming SPS Liquidity Pool Rewards

Once you have provided liquidity to a liquidity pool, you can claim your rewards by going to the SPS management page and then selecting the Pools tab. Search for the Liquidity pool that you would like to claim the rewards of and then click the Claim button to claim your rewards directly to your Splinterlands account straight from your User Interface.

You can also claim your Liquidity pool rewards by making use of the ‘Claim All’ functions on the Pools tab of the SPS management screen. This will allow you to claim all your LP rewards held on a Selected chain.

  • Claim on BSC

  • Claim on ETH

  • Claim on Hive

PLEASE NOTE that for Ethereum and BSC pools, the LP tokens received from providing liquidity MUST BE HELD IN YOUR WALLET. LP tokens that have been staked in other platforms like Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, Cubdefi, or anything else WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR REWARDS.

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