Opening Booster Packs

Opening Booster Packs

Booster Packs can be opened at the MANA WELL.

When Booster Packs are present in your collection (Displayed in the bottom section of the page), simply drag them into the mana well to trigger the pack opening animation and reveal your cards.

Opening Multiple Booster Packs

Should you wish to open more than one booster pack simultaneously, select the open multiple icon located next to the display of the available card packs in your collection on the Mana Well screen. This will open the ‘How Many?’ window which will allow you to select the number of card packs that you wish to open. Enter the number of packs then click on the ‘Open’ button.

The maximum amount of card packs that you are able to open simultaneously is 200 packs.

Revealing cards

Whether you are opening one or multiple packs, your cards will initially be displayed face down. To reveal your cards, you can either select the ‘Reveal All’ button displayed above the cards on your screen or click on each card individually.

Multiple copies of the same card that are drawn in a single opening will be grouped together and can be identified by a numeric display at the top right corner of the said card. This number indicates how many copies of a specific card you have received.

Although using potions when opening a pack is beneficial in bettering your chances of receiving Gold Foil or Legendary cards, you will still be able to open your packs without them.

After opening, the cards will immediately appear in your collection.

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