Combining Cards

In Splinterlands, cards are only leveled up by combining like cards. Here is a quick guide on combining and leveling cards.

To increase the level of a card, and thereby gain access to higher stats and more varied abilities to achieve better results on the battlefield, one must combine multiple copies of the same unit/summoner. The term Base Card Experience, or BCX, allows you to see how many individual copies of a card have been combined into one, as well as how many are required for each subsequent level up.


BCX = Base Card Experience - Every card that is found via packs or rewards begins with 1 BCX, meaning that it has not been combined with any other individual copies yet.

A player can combine 2 versions of the same card to create one card with a higher BCX. Once two cards are combined, one of these original cards and its Card ID will be burned and its BCX will be merged into the Card ID of the card holding the highest BCX before the combination. In the case of both cards having the same BCX before being combined, the Card ID of the first card alphabetically will be retained.

Example 1:

Card A = 1 BCX

Card B = 1 BCX

In this example, if a player chooses to combine Card A and Card B, selecting Card A first and then Card B, Card B will be burned and its BCX will be merged with Card A, as Card A comes first alphabetically. The player will now own Card A with 2 BCX.

Example 2:

Card 1 = 1 BCX

Card 2 = 2 BCX

In this example, if a player chooses to combine Card 1 and Card 2. Card 1 (the lowest BCX before the merge) will be burned and its BCX will be combined with Card 2 (the highest BCX before the merge). The player will now own Card 2 with 3 BCX.

Once a certain card has reached the required BCX, it “levels up”, as explained below.

Leveling Up

On the Stats page of each card, you can see how many BCX are required to reach each level, as well as what stats and abilities may change, increase, or be added at each of those levels.

The Common Rebellion card below requires 400 individual 1 BCX cards to be combined in order to reach the max level of 10.

The Legendary Rebellion card below requires 11 combined singles to reach its max level of 4.

The number of BCX required to level up cards will vary depending on the Set/Edition, as well as rarity. Alpha cards require the lowest BCX to level up as there were far fewer Alpha Cards in the original supply.

Combining cards is permanent. While you may have combinations that are in between levels (i.e., a Level 2 4 BCX Kei, the above card), there is no in-game benefit until the next actual level is reached and stats and abilities are upgraded/changed.

Cards that are combined are deducted from the circulating supply. If 20 single cards are combined into a 20 BCX card, the circulation of that card will be reduced by 19.

Because they are significantly rarer, Gold Foil Cards require fewer BCX to level up than regular foil, and their initial 1 BCX state will be higher than Level 1 (this varies by rarity). As seen below, this Common Rebellion card is Gold Foil, and begins as a Level 3 card despite being only 1 BCX.

The above Gold Foil Albahoo Forester will only require 38 BCX total to reach its max level of 10, while the regular foil version seen below requires far more, with 400 BCX required.

Card Levels and Stats

As the level of a unit increases, its stats (Attack, Health, Armor, Speed) may also increase. At certain levels, they also may gain new abilities. Utilizing the Stats tab on an individual card (seen below) allows players to see the specific stats and changes to them at various levels. In the example below, at Level 2 you can see that Solace Ashinach has an increase in Speed and Health, and a new ability is added.

Review How to Increase Card Levels by Combining Cards.

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