Combining Cards
In Splinterlands, cards are only leveled up by combining like cards. Here is a quick guide on combining and leveling cards.


BCX = Base Card Experience - Every single card that is found in either a Loot Chest or a Booster Pack is 1 BCX, meaning that it has not been combined.
When 2 separate 1 BCX versions of the same card are combined, both of the 1 BCX cards are burned and a new 2 BCX card is created, the combination of the two. This is how cards are leveled up in Splinterlands. Once a certain card has been combined to the required BCX, it gains the corresponding level.

Leveling Up

On the STATS page of each card, you can see how many BCX of that card are required to reach each of its different levels, and what stats and abilities correspond to each of those levels.
This Common Alpha Edition card requires 379 combined singles to reach the max level of 10.
This Untamed Legendary requires 11 combined singles to reach its max level of 4.
The number of BCX required to level up cards varies depending on the set from which the card comes. Alpha cards require the fewest to level up because there were far fewer Alphas in the original supply.
Combining cards is permanent, and there is no in-game benefit to combining until the next level has been reached. In the above example of Phantom of the Abyss, once 6 has been combined the card reaches level 3. If 4 more are added, bringing that card to 10 BCX, the card will still only be playable at level 3 until 1 more BCX is combined into it.
Cards that are combined are deducted from the circulating supply. If 20 single cards are combined into a 20 BCX card, the circulation of that card will be reduced by 19.
Because they are significantly rarer, Gold Foil Cards require fewer BCX to level up than regular foil.
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