Baron’s Bounty (Bitcoin Halving) Event!

  • The Splinterlands team is excited to announce a promotional event to celebrate the upcoming Bitcoin halving! The event is scheduled to run for 15 days and will allow players the opportunity to purchase two new limited-edition promo cards for DEC tokens or Credits with the option to reduce the price (by about half, of course) using Vouchers! Baron Fyatt will cost 31,250 (31.25k) DEC/Credits and the Henchling Enforcer will cost 3,125 (3.125k) DEC/Credits for a single (1 BCX) card. The cost is meant to commemorate the new Bitcoin block reward after the halving of 3.125 BTC. Players will also be able to cut the price of both cards roughly in half by burning Voucher tokens along with their purchase! Players will earn points for each DEC/Credit spent purchasing the promo cards, every 10,000 points earned will provide a chance for various fabulous prizes that will be distributed at the end of the event. See this post for full details!

Tech Modernization

  • The About, Battle History, Ranked Team Creation, and corresponding sub-pages have been moved over to the new client. This should improve the team creation experience on Mobile devices. Note that brawls and tournaments will still use the old team creation UI for now.

Upcoming Conflict

  • The 4th Conflict has been loaded, which will release the first player designed Summoner from Rebellion, Lorkus. You can read more about his story here.

General Updates

  • Fixed an issue where burning cards after submitting them for a tournament could cause an issue leading to the battle failing and the tournament getting stuck.

  • Fixed the DEC/Glint/Merits balance displays not updating after burning a card - though, the actual balance was updated.

  • Accounts without spellbooks will now appear as unranked and will no longer appear on the leaderboards.

  • Added In-Game Voucher activity to the Currency Activity export of all activity.

  • The link to the Rewards shop has been changed to end in “rewards”, instead of the original name of that tab - “ranked”.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

  • Fixed an issue that was causing some users to not see updates to their end of season Glint.


General Updates

  • The end of season Glint rewards have been retooled to be based off the total Glint earned during the season. The current end of season value is twice the Glint earned during ranked play for the season.

  • Fixed an error where Novice accounts would have seen an end of season claim notification that could not be cleared, as they would have no claimable rewards.

  • We have slightly adjusted the battles required per Guild Lodge point down to 20 (previously it was 25) to make it slightly easier to level up the Guild Lodge.

  • Fixed an issue with exporting the complete balance history not including Glint information.

  • Fixed an issue with the gift cards notification not showing the cards properly.

  • Updated the title icons in the Collection view to display the actual icon, instead of a generic one.

  • Added a new contribution per hour column on Conflicts Leaderboard to provide more detailed information.

  • Removed some lingering references to SPS rewards from Seasonal and Focus chests.

  • Fixed an issue with the counterparty being missing on unclaimed rewards following the previous update.

  • Fixed a minor display issue where the Help icon would incorrectly display as the active page when on Land.

  • Made some minor text updates on the Team Creation screen.

  • Removed some purchase SPS links for exchanges that no longer carry SPS or are no longer in buisness.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

  • Fixed an issue with the new Ranked pop-up blocking the final season claim pop-up (shortly after the last update).

  • Fixed an issue with combining Alpha cards (shortly after the last update).

  • Fixed an issue with returning cards that were delegated to you (shortly after the last update).

  • Fixed an issue with land Production values being incorrect after combining cards (shortly after the last update).

  • Fixed an issue with card locks not properly copying over on combining cards (with the above items, all related to the CP rework in the prior update).


Rewards Rework!

  • The rewards system for the game has had a major overhaul! You will now earn Glint, as well as the current Splintershards, from Ranked battles. Glint may be spent in a new rewards shop to purchase account bound card draws, Merits, Energy, and Potions. Other items, including limited quantity or limited duration sales, may be added to the shop in the near future as well.

    • As part of this update, Daily and Seasonal chests have been removed. You will earn Glint at the end of the season based upon your final rating at a rate of: RATING ^ 3 / 300000 - with a cap of 5,000 rating.

    • The Daily Focus has been removed, and will be reworked in the future into a more interesting experience for players.

    • The Splintershards formerly found in chests have been moved into the battle reward pools.

    • Account bound Reward cards can now be burnt for Glint at 5X their CP value.

    • Gladiator cards are now burnt for Merits at a rate of 1 per CP value.

    • Gaining guild Focuses is now achieved by completing 25 battles within a format.

    • Three limited edition titles will be available in the initial Glint shop. There are transferable, but only one copy of a title may be purchased by an account. There will be 500 rare titles, 200 epic titles, and 50 legendary titles.

Gameplay Updates

  • Tie-Breakers have been added to the Leaderboard. If tied on rating, then the wins/battles ratio followed by win streak are used to determine ranking on the Leaderboard.

  • A new rule set, Corrosive Fog, has been added. When this rule set is in play, all Units lose 1 maximum armor each round.

  • Shades of Grey has been updated to not coincide with the Broken Arrows rules set.

  • Fixed an issue with Dispel not clearing buffs off a Unit when that Unit would die from the damage, but then be resurrected.

  • Fixed an issue with Reach being incorrectly removed when a monster with Flank was killed.

  • Fixed a display issue on the Tactics screen where units appears to have abilities when the Back To Basics rule set was active.

Proposal Notices

  • Pre-Proposals have been renamed Draft Proposals to clarify that they are intended to be a work in-progress, and may change prior to becoming a full Proposal.

  • Per this passed proposal, the LP rewards for the SPS:BNB pool have been reduced by 2/3 of the original amount.

  • Per this passed proposal, the LP rewards for the SPS:WETH pool have been reduced by a little under 100,000 a month, or roughly 10%.

  • Per this passed proposal, the LP rewards for the DEC:USDC pool have been ended.

  • Fixed an issue with the button on the VOUCHER-SPS pool not working properly, though you could use Claim All or Claim All on Hive to get around this previously.

General Updates

  • The Terms of Service have been updated with a new Fair Play policy section.

  • The cap on SPS rewards from a battle has been increased to .2% from .1% of the pool total.

  • The Guild Leader can now make building contributions to a guild that they have created without having to wait out the week-long new member probationary period.

  • The Purchase Energy page has been added as a tab in the shop, instead of being a stand alone page.

  • Fixed an issue with the card market default sort showing it was by price, when it is actually price per BCX.

  • Fixed an issue with non-card market sorting order, to use listing date as a secondary sort after price.

  • The reward_delegation_history API has been modified to use an Offset based on the id value of the records. The delegate_to_player parameter was also fixed and should now properly filter results.

  • A new block operation “return_tokens" has been added. It's identical to "undelegate_tokens" except that the from value is the delegator, while the player submitting the operation is the one being delegated the tokens.

  • Reworked how Collection Power gets updated for better performance and to correct an issue where it could become incorrect under certain conditions.

  • Made improvements to Rental payment processing to increase performance.

  • Made a small text update for sorting filters on the Collection, Market, and Team Select screens to change the “Attack” choice to say “Melee” when sorting by attack type (which can be Melee, Magic, or Ranged).

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

  • Made a small change to hide liquidity pools that are no longer paying out rewards, unless you have an outstanding claim.


Conflicts Continue

  • The 3rd Conflict airdrop card, Venka the Vile, has been added to the game in preparation for the start of the next Conflict. This card will appear on the Collection screen and Card Details screen, but won’t be discoverable in packs until the 3rd Conflict ends.

    Venka the Vile has a new ability called Charge:

Gameplay Updates

  • A new rule set, Shades of Gray, has been added. When this rule set is in play, only Neutral units may be selected for battle.

Land Updates

  • Added a Regional balance history for land resources.

Tech Modernization

  • We have made some changes to how the client handles issues connecting to the server. There should now be more of a distinction between the game being in maintenance mode versus an error connecting.

General Updates

  • The holding account for tournament prizes has been moved to a new account, used just for that purpose.

  • Affiliate Payments and Referrals have been changed to display as a scrolling list, instead of a series of tabs.

  • The funds burnt for additional energy will now be tracked on the balance of the $ENERGY account. We have done our best to back populate the amount of funds previously spent.

  • The rating used in SPS reward calculations is now also capped at 5,000.

  • During team creation, when hovering over units selected for your team the card information will now display.

  • Due to changes with Coinbase, we have removed the display of tokens that they were accepting other than ETH, DAI, USDC, and USDT on the Credits purchasing list.

  • Per this passed proposal, the Voucher-Swap.HIVE liquidity pool rewards have been ended, and 1/3rd of those rewards are now allocated to the Voucher-SPS pool on Tribaldex.

  • Per this passed proposal, the DEC-DAI liquidity pool rewards have been ended.

  • The way the element choice for Dragon and Neutral summoners is handled has been tweaked slightly, though users shouldn’t see an obvious change in the team creation experience. For any third party developers, when submitting a team you now need to provide an “allyColor” parameters that matches the element you want to be selected for that summoner, i.e. “Blue”, “Red”, “Green”, “Black”, or “White”.

  • Removed the “Low Power” icon from displaying when you fall down a league in ranked play.

  • Fixed an issue with logged out users getting errors if the navigated directly to the battle history page. They will now default to the Leaderboard tab, since there is no history of battles when you are not logged in.

  • Fixed some broken links on various Lore pages.

  • Removed a caching layer from the non-card market that wasn’t really needed to boost performance.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

  • Fixed an issue with Kei being findable in packs prior to the end of the Conflict (shortly after the last update).


Gameplay Updates

  • Per this passed proposal, unfilled Brawl Frays will count as wins for opponents that do fill those Fray slots.

    • This means that if you are the only player to fill a Fray (defending an empty Fray that no other guild fills), then you will now get wins and will accordingly count towards increasing the size of the Crown pot for that Brawl.

    • Tooltips have been added to distinguish between wins earned from battles, and automatic wins granted from unfilled Frays.

  • Players in Champion can now be matched with any other player in Champion, regardless of the rating difference, if enough time has passed.

  • Fixed Blind and Weaken not clearing properly on resurrect.

  • Fixed an issue where some Units would get debuffs cleared twice.

Land Updates

  • Fixed an issue with Harvest All not working properly for plots in regions where there is 0 DEC staked, but have a Runi assigned.

  • Added the resulting efficiency into the transaction results from staking or unstaking DEC to a region.

Tech Modernization

  • The Credits purchasing pages have been moved over to the new client.

  • Removed some very out of date references to Gift Cards on some payment text.

General Updates

  • Fixed an issue where using certain extensions would cause logging in using e-mail and password to not properly load up the game page.

  • Fixed an issue with the non-Card Market that was causing some items to not appear properly.

  • Added additional details to the notifications that appear when a card rental or delegation ends.

  • We have added the ability to cancel cards that have been delegated to you. This is a new block operation return_cards which takes an array of card ids as a “cards” argument. This will not work on rented cards and will fail if any of the cards passed in are invalid.

  • Updated the text on the screens when advancing to Bronze league.

  • Made a change to try to address an issue with the Tactics button not displaying properly, without a refresh, on some IOS devices.

  • Added GamesOnTheBlock to the third party market listing.

  • Added an extra decimal place to the USD price of SPS on the Conversion screen.

  • Updated the background art on the About page.

  • Abilities on the Gameplay page have been put in alphabetical order and some text has been cleaned up.

  • Improved the error messaging when a login fails to be more accurate.

  • Cleaned up the transaction results for token_transfer_multi block operation.

  • Several internal improvements have made to improve performance for a handful of lookups.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

  • Fixed an issue with the Bronze max mana cap not being updated.

  • The support site had some styling updates provided by AxlerTwinblade from Baron's Toolbox.

  • Fixed an issue with players getting matched outside of the intended 1,000 rating.


Ranked Gameplay Rework

  • The ranked system has been overhauled! You can read more details in this post, but the high points are:

    • Summoner level caps by League have been removed.

    • The ability to decline advancing Leagues has been removed.

    • Matchmaking no longer takes League into consideration, only rating.

    • The rating system has been simplified to give 20 on a win, and lose 20 on a loss. The win streak bonus still applied in Leagues prior to Champion.

    • The leaderboards have been collapsed down to a single one, with the former Champion prizes.

    • SPS rewards have been collapsed back to a single pool, rather than ones separated by League.

    • The reward penalty for using under-leveled cards has been removed. The penalty for using Starter Cards still applies.

    • The Mana Cap for Novice and Bronze has been increased to 50.

    • The reward shares calculation is now capped at 5,000 rating.

    • The rating resets for leagues have been adjusted to be divisible by 20, and Bronze III now starts at 260 rating.

Purchasing Energy Updates

  • The Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) cost for purchasing additional energy has been adjusted, and now increases in cost per tier of a league.

    League/TierEnergy Cost (DEC)Rating RangeEoS Reset



    0 - 259


    Bronze III


    260 - 399


    Bronze II


    400 - 699


    Bronze I


    700 - 999


    Silver III


    1000 - 1299


    Silver II


    1300 - 1599


    Silver I


    1600 - 1899


    Gold III


    1900 - 2199


    Gold II


    2200 - 2499


    Gold I


    2500 - 2799


    Diamond III


    2800 - 3099


    Diamond II


    3100 - 3399


    Diamond I


    3400 - 3699


    Champion III


    3700 - 3999


    Champion II


    4000 - 4299


    Champion I




  • Vouchers may now be burnt for energy at a value of 100 DEC value per Voucher.

Gameplay Updates

  • A new rule set, FabFour, has been added. When this rule set is in play, at most four Units can be selected.

  • A new rule set, FiveAlive, has been added. When this rule is in play, at most five Units can be selected.

Land Updates

  • Fixed an issue with multi-color cards, mainly Zyriel, not consistently getting the proper bonus when used on land that had both Life and Death bonuses/penalties.

Tech Modernization

  • The Spellbook purchasing series of pages has been moved over to the new client. This should make a much smoother experience for new players, and address an issue of users being logged out following their purchase and missing informational displays.

  • If the Hive keychain extension is installed, pages will now default to using that for posting blockchain operations, rather than asking for users to try to manually enter keys.

  • If Hive keychain extension is not installed, key prompts will no longer display the key text as it is entered. The entry will now be hidden, as a password-style field.

General Updates

  • Added notifications when a card is delegated, a delegation is cancelled, or a rental expires.

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to watch battles when not logged into the game.

  • We have added the Aqualis Market to the Market display of third party markets.

  • Fixed issues with using the WAX Anchor Wallet to make Credit payments.

  • Several images on the About or Gameplay pages were updated to better quality images, or more recent screenshots.

  • Extended the transaction history results to go out to about 32 days, instead of 30.

  • We will no longer be recording sm_battle entries as part of transaction history results. These were only being recorded when a battle went to the timeout handling, due to some old code from when battles were being submitted on directly on Hive to try to handle when they didn’t resolve from a team reveal block chain operation. Long story short, the existing battle results APIs should be used to pull battles.

  • Both /players/unclaimed_balance_history and /players/exchange_history will now be using an offset of the last record ID, instead of taking an amount to offset by. Players should see better performance in the sections of Currency Activity that use these calls.


Conflicts Continue

  • The 2nd Conflict card is being loaded for the next Conflict cycle: Kei, a Legendary Dragon Unit.

Gameplay Updates

  • A new rule set, Blood and Sunder, has been added. When this rule set is in play, all Units have Corrosive Ward.

  • Updated the rule set exclusions for Maneuvers to have it not show up in conjunction with Melee Mayhem, Keep your Distance, Equal Opportunity and Super Sneak.

Land Updates

  • Fixed an issue with staking Runi that was introduced in the previous update.

  • Updated some tooltips to indicate where taxes are already removed from values.

Tech Modernization

  • The Shop pages have all been moved over to the new client. More specifically:

    • The Guild shop page.

    • The License shop page.

    • The Potions shop page.

    • The Riftwatchers shop page.

    • The Skins shop page.

    • The Soulkeep shop page.

  • The Riftwatcher’s Airdrop claim page has been moved over to the new client.

  • Blood & Power stones can once again be purchased with Merits.

  • A new Land shop page has been added that consolidates all Land related items in one location.

General Updates

  • Gladiator cards & cards staked on Land no longer count toward tournament Collection Power entry requirements.

  • Improved the intelligence of how Combine All works to try to get more optimal max level cards without going over the maximum number of cards needed.

  • Added the ability to send more than 350 cards at once, by automatically batching transactions behind the scenes.

  • Added a display of potions used when opening Seasonal and Daily rewards.

  • Improved the error messaging on the Login screen, to distinguish between a connection failure and an incorrect password.

  • Due to no tournaments having used these tokens for quite a long period of time, we are removing ENTRY, SIM, CINE, STMINI, STREGULAR, STJUMBO, and STSUPER tokens from the tournament prize selection display.

  • Improved tournament warnings when the entry fee is more than the maximum prize in estimated value.

  • Proposals and Pre-Proposals have been separated out in to different tabs for a cleaner user interface.

  • Added more detailed messaging when combining cards, particularly when doing so with cards staked onto Mage Wagons.

  • Added a variation on the combat results music outro, that was previously only on the Mobile app.

  • Added a tool-tip on the proposal notification dot, to better denote what it is indicating.

  • The API players/balance_history no longer accepts an offset. Instead, we have added additional "from" and "last_update_date" filters that will be the starting point for a query. By default, from will be the current time if not passed in. This should improve performance when scrolling through Currency Activity history records.

  • Claiming staking rewards has been split into a distinct block operation from staking 0 SPS. The new operation is sm_claim_staking_rewards, which takes a “token” argument of “SPS”. Attempts to stake 0 SPS will now fail, though valid staking operations will still also claim outstanding staking rewards.

  • The API market/market_query_by_card now accepts a new value “both” for the “gold” argument. This will return both regular and gold foil cards for the selected card.

  • A new API market/market_query_grouped has been added that works almost identically to market_query_by_card, but requires a “card_ids” value of comma separated numbers, instead of single id. Since Edition is still required, this can only be used to pull cards from one set at a time. Also, due to the potentially large result sets, the limit is capped at 10 per card id.

  • Fixed an issue where a Chromecast button would appear on some in-game videos on some browsers.

  • Fixed the Conflicts banner overlapping the Rebellion text on smaller screens.

  • Removed the Venly login option, as it hasn’t been functional for over a year.

  • Updated the API documentation.

  • The temporary holiday card images have been removed.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

  • Fixed an issue with watching matches specifically from the Events (Tournaments) page.

  • Improved the performance of some land related queries that were stressing the servers.

  • The epic rarity pre-sale title, The Tower Mage, has been airdropped to users that bought more than 500 packs during the pre-sale.

  • A new custom profile avatar, The Tower Mage, has been airdropped to users that bought more than 500 packs during the pre-sale. We have also added support for buying and selling custom Avatars to the non-card market.

General Updates

  • Added Pre-Proposals in-site under the SPS Management → Proposals screen. There are two types of Pre-Proposals: those being sponsored by the DAO that use standard proposal voting procedures and individually paid for pre-proposals that simply need a 5% positive vote to move to a full proposal.

  • The display for proposal voting results has been updated.

  • There have been several improvements to the Collection page:

    • The Last Played date for cards has been added to the Collection display. Cards that have never been played will show N/A.

    • Locking, unlocking, cancelling unlocking, listing cards for rent or sale, unlisting cards that are for rent or sale, and undelegating cards can now be done on a group of cards from the Collection view in a single transaction.

    • The default card listing page is now the Rental tab, instead of the Sale tab.

    • Added additional UI side validation checks & fixed the warning when listing cards well below the current market value.

    • Rental icons are now color coded - cancelled Rentals will be shown as red icons.

    • The rental duration and price will now be displayed as part of tooltip information.

    • Added a new Unlocking filter for the Collection display.

  • Improved the performance of updating collections when a card is gifted, a delegation ends, or a rental ends.

  • You can now Combine unstaked cards into cards that have been staked onto Mage Wagons for Conflicts. Support has a guide on this here, but some notes about how this works:

    • You cannot combine multiple cards that are staked on Mage Wagons. Only one wagon staked card at a time may be a combine target, and only non-staked cards may be combined with it.

    • When combining a selection of cards where one or more cards is staked on a Mage Wagon, all non-staked cards in the list will be combined into the wagon staked card that has the highest BCX and is not already max level. Any other wagon staked cards that happen to be in the list will be unaffected.

    • When cards get combined into a wagon staked card, the usual 15 minute cooldown period on stake changes will be triggered for the Mage Wagon in question.

    • If a Mage Wagon is currently in a cooldown period, card combining is still allowed (i.e. cooldown periods do not prevent combining).

  • Brawl rewards have been adjusted as per this proposal. The reduction in SPS rewards for Brawl tiers with less than 10 guilds participating has been removed, as has the Crown and Merit bonus for finishing in the top 3.

  • Added several UI side checks for purchasing validations on the non-card Market and corrected the suggested price display.

  • Added a refresh button for the SPS Delegation rental market and updated filling multiple delegation requests. It will no longer error out if the operation is called without the “all_or_none” parameter when some entries are invalid, but instead will just fill whatever legal bids it finds.

  • Fixed an issue with matchmaking where the Novice bots could incorrectly be paired outside Novice.

  • Fixed an issue with Gold Foil Reward cards incorrectly appearing at Beta minimum levels on the market summary.

  • Potion usage will now be returned in the claim reward transaction results, if potions were used on chests that contained cards.

  • Fixed an issue where redirects to the maintenance display were not formatted properly on Tech Modernization pages.


General Updates

  • An issue where the tutorial would not function properly when launched from the Modern battle history has been corrected.

  • Fixed an old balance issue with the amount of staked SPS from old free-to-play accounts that had since been converted to Hive accounts.

  • Added a more explicit Enter Conflict button on the banner on the Rebellion shop page.

  • The Rebellion Conflicts begin, where you can compete with other players for chances to earn the special airdrop cards from the Rebellion set. Support has created a series of guides for this new system. The Creative team also strongly suggests having your game sound turned on when first going into the Conflicts page. The first Conflict will be for Rage, a Legendary Dragon card:

Gameplay Updates

  • Fixed an issue where two monsters dying at the same time could cause one to be resurrected incorrectly offset from its placement.

General Updates

  • We have removed the Soulkeep link from the main navigation bar, as the demo site is no longer functional.

  • Per this passed proposal, accounts that purchase a spellbook will now receive a 30 day delegation from the DAO of 100 staked SPS.

  • A Reward Delegation page has been added to manage delegating your rewards to other accounts. This can be found off the SPS Management page, and a support article about how to use this screen is also available.

  • The Dark Energy Crystal page has been updated to be more in-line with the Splintershards page. We have removed the purchase DEC-B section, and moved transfers to its own screen.

  • Updated the warning when entering a tournament to double check that the prizes are more than the entry fee.

  • Replaced the notification about a new proposal being available with an indicator that there is new information on the SPS page.

  • The SPS Rental Market UI has been overhauled to provide more information and to allow you to fill multiple bids in the same transaction. An APR is now displayed and there is now an indicator when you already have a SPS delegation to a user. Note: For any third parties doing block chain operations, the fill_token_rental operation will now accept a comma separated string of bid ID’s. You can still pass a single ID, as with the previous functionality.

  • You now can undelegate SPS from multiple users in a single transaction. Note: For any third parties doing block chain operations, this is a new operation undelegate_tokens_multi that takes a “token” string (always SPSP for now), an optional “player” string - if using delegated rental authority, and then a “data” array consisting of paired “from” string and “qty” values - where “from” is the player the delegation is being removed from and “qty” is the amount of staked SPS to undelegate.

  • When attempting to list a card for Rent, it will now throw an error message on the client side when attempting to go to the Rental tab if that card is on cooldown.

  • The Winterfest skins have been removed. They will hopefully reappear in the future as obtainable skins.

  • The default volume levels for new accounts has been changed to 10% for Music, and 25% for Notifications and Sound Effects.

  • Removed text indicating we accept BUSD for spellbooks, as we no longer do.

  • Added missing lore for Prophet Rosa and fixed a typo in the Lurking Puffer lore.

  • Small text updates to clarify that Transak services may be available in some US states.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

  • Fixed issues with Time Crystal usage and general problems with constructing new worksites.


Gameplay Updates

  • Fixed an issue where Flank was being applied after the first round of battle.

  • Fixed an issue where Lookout could cause an extra processing cycle in battles, which would show up as an extra “pause”.

Land Updates

  • Added a new Plot History with information about harvests and totem rolls!

  • Fixed an issue with tracking worksite construction progress, for any new sites started after this update.

General Updates

  • Added a filter for Locked cards.

  • Expanded the text of the final warning when creating a tournament.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting the No Attack combat filter would try to play a non-existent sound effect file.

  • Historical Lock Days on a card, from previously cleared locks, will now be deleted out when a card is sold.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

  • Fixed an issue with custom Currency Activity exports using only one currency.

  • Fixed an issue with NAN incorrectly displaying on Harvest All results.

  • Fixed an issue where harvesting all with 0 Dark Energy staked and Runi on some, but not all, plots would cause all plots to incorrectly be treated as if they had 0 efficiency.

  • Fixed an issue where totem fragment rolls would continue to accrue for castle and keeps past 7 days.

  • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions the Tax Rate would fail to update properly.

  • Fixed an issue where the lock duration from prior locks, that had already expired, would get renewed when staking on land.

  • Updated the harvest results screen to show the net harvest, with taxes subtracted.

General Updates

  • Added a Pack Opening History page!

  • You can now replay pack openings by using the transaction ID. You can also share and replay other user’s pack openings.

  • Added the ability to issue a Modern challenge!

  • Per this passed proposal, old rentals listed below the minimum price can no longer be renewed or rented.

  • Season rentals can now only be renewed for the next season, but cannot be renewed for multiple future seasons.

  • Fixed the Tutorial so that it would function again following Untamed cycling out, though it is still pending a larger rework.

  • Improved the sync of DEC pricing on the client side of the game.

  • Updated Underboss Fabino’s +2 Melee Attack tooltip for better clarity.

  • Improved the Currency Activity export performance and USD price accuracy in some specific cases.

  • Added additional staking checks on transferring an item.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

  • Fixed an issue where locking was inconsistently being applied to items and cards. All items and cards on land that were missing it, had appropriate locking applied.

  • Fixed an issue with construction not always updating appropriately when units staked where changed.

  • Fixed an issue with Transak no longer working properly, as an API on their end had changed.

  • Fixed an issue where the Tactics button wouldn’t initially display on IOS devices, without a refresh of the browser.

  • Improved the card history API for combined cards.

  • Fixed a typo in the name of totem fragments on the non-card market.

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