Splinterlands seasons are the heartbeat of the game. There is always one in session, and no sooner than one season ends, each and every player is grappling for a position in the next.

During these seasons, players compete in ranked battles to earn ranking points, which allow them to rank up and also determine their SPS and Glint earnings per battle. Ranked battle Glint earned in Modern and Wild battle formats contribute to a player’s End Season Glint Rewards.

Season Length

Splinterlands seasons have various lengths. Some have been as short as 12 days, while other longer ones are 16 days or more. The end time of each season rotates so that players in different parts of the world can all have their turns to experience the end-of-season grind as the countdown ticks down to zero.

On each player's BATTLE page, there is always a universal countdown that shows the time remaining until the end of the current season, and the new season starts immediately when the current one ends.

Advancing in Leagues/Tiers

When a player has passed the ranking points required to advance to the next League/Tier in either Modern or Wild battle format, they receive a pop-up notification. Moving up to a higher league means you'll get better rewards for each battle won.

End of Season Reset

Placement in the next season is determined by the player's current league at the end of the season.

Note: The end-of-season rating reset will be applied separately to your Modern & Wild leagues.

The Season Rating Reset can be viewed respectively for Modern & Wild battle formats by selecting either Modern or Wild as the battle format and then opening the League page in the Splinterlands Battle page and clicking “League Details”:

You can check each league/level reset by clicking on the desired league

No Battles, No Rewards

See Season Rewards for details on the season reward system.

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