Splinterlands seasons are the heartbeat of the game. There is always one in session, and no sooner than one season ends, each and every player is grappling for position in the next.

Season Length

Splinterlands seasons have various lengths. Some have been as short as 12 days, while other longer ones are 16 days or more. The end time of each season rotates so that players in different parts of the world can all have their turns to experience the end-of-season grind as the countdown ticks down to zero.
On each player's BATTLE page, there is always a universal countdown that shows the time remaining until the end of the current season, and the new season starts immediately when the current one ends.

Season Rewards

Loot Chests - At the end of each season, each player is awarded a number of Loot Chests that corresponds to the League in which they finished the season.
Booster Packs - For those who were able to make one of the various League Leaderboards, booster pack prizes (when available in supply) await at the end of each season. The higher the League, the more total booster packs are awarded and the more places are able to earn them. If booster packs are not currently available, DEC is awarded instead.

Choosing to Advance

When a player has passed the ranking points required to advance to the next League, they are given the option to do so if their Collection Power allows. If they choose to advance, they will receive the season rewards of the higher League achieved, but they are also giving up the chance to go for the leaderboard in their previous League.
For example, some Gold League players may choose to stay in Gold and compete for ranking, even though they have gained enough points to advance to Diamond. They will not receive Diamond season rewards and it will be a hard road, but if they can beat the top players at that League, they will win booster packs, which typically contain more cards than Loot Chests.

Season Placement

Placement in the next season is determined by the player's positioning at the time of the season's end. With each new season, a player's placement is dropped by exactly one League. This means that a player who was in upper Diamond I when the season ended will find themselves in upper Gold I at the start of the next season.

No Battles, no Rewards

Before you go thinking that you can achieve Champion, then simply coast through the next several seasons while still earning rewards, know this: You must battle to be eligible for season rewards. They are not earned by inactive players.