Renting Cards via Peakmonsters

Follow this guide for using Peakmonsters to rent cards from others' collections.

How to Rent Cards

Follow this guide for renting cards from the collection of other Splinterlands community members, on the PeakMonsters Site:

Log in to Peakmonsters

Once you have logged in on your PeakMonsters profile, simply click on the ‘Rent’ tab which will allow you to view the PeakMonsters ‘Renter’s Board' as displayed below.

In the Renter's Board, you will be able to view all the different cards currently listed for rent and perform rental transactions

Find the Card You Want to Rent:

The PeakMonsters interface provides an array of filters to help you find the cards you are looking for. You can also sort the cards on the renter's board by selecting column headings or even just searching the card name, card ID, or ability in the search bar provided under the filter section of the page.

Add To Cart:

Once you have found the card you would like to rent, you can add it to your cart by simply clicking on the ‘add to cart’ icon in the displayed card line. Once you have successfully added the card you would like to rent the ‘add to cart’ icon will be displayed in red.

Select Payment Method and Check Out

In order to complete the rental transaction, you will be required to click on the ‘cart icon’ on the top right corner of the screen. here you will be able to adjust the rental duration for the card that you would like to rent. Next, you will need to select the currency that you would like to pay with. Payment selections include Credits and DEC.

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