Gladiator Cards

All across Praetoria, people can't stop talking about the Gladiators, a group of elite warriors who have answered the call for participants to join the great Guild Brawls! The Gladiators are drawn from all races & creeds, a diverse group gathered from scattered locations throughout the Splinterlands. Now their training is nearing completion, and soon Battle Mages will be able to draw on their services to achieve much glory in the Brawls to come!

Gladius Cases

Gladius Case is a type of card pack available for sale exclusively in the Guild Store. As with other card packs, each Gladius Case will contain 5 random cards from the Gladius Gladiator Edition, one of which is guaranteed to be rare or better. The chances of getting common, rare, epic, legendary, or gold foil cards are also the same as with other packs.

How do I get Gladius Cases?

  1. You must belong to a guild that has at least a level 2 Store (and a level 2 Barracks if you want to actually use your Gladiators in battle).

  2. Participate in Brawls and win Merits or Participate in ranked battles to earn Loot Chests that may contain Merits.

  3. Visit the GUILD tab of the Shop page.

  4. Spend your Merits to buy Gladius Cases (you can't buy them with DEC or Credits).

  5. Open your Gladius Cases in the Mana Well just like other card packs.

Once you have some Gladiators, they belong to your individual account (SoulBound), not your guild. So if you leave your guild and join another, you can still use your Gladiators and Merits in the new guild.

Characteristics of Gladiators

Gladiator cards are rather special. They are more powerful than normal cards, and intended to act as team captains, leading your monsters into battle. As such they are subject to some additional usage rules that don't apply to normal cards.

  • SoulBound - Gladiator cards cannot be traded, delegated, rented, or sold. Gladius Cases themselves are also SoulBound, as are Merits.

  • Can be playable Outside Brawls - these cards can be used in normal Ranked Battles or Tournaments if the Are You Not Entertained? ruleset is available.

  • Only 1 per team per battle - However, you can use up to 3 Gladiators in a single battle if the Are you not entertained? ruleset is present and you use a Summoner with Conscript.

  • No pack limit - as these cards are SoulBound, there is no limit to the number of Gladius Cases that can be purchased in the Guild Store.

  • No Legendary & Alchemy Potions - potions don't work on these cards. Instead, you can use Blood Stones & Power Stones which work similarly to potions.

  • Additional level limit constraints - As explained here, in addition to normal Fray level limits, Gladiators are also subject to the level limits allowed by Unleash I / II / III / IV Barracks Tactics.

  • Burnable for Merits - Gladiators can also be converted to Merits.

There's also one more very big distinction between Gladiators and other cards:

All 32 cards of the Gladius Edition have an ability called Bloodlust:

Gladiators revel in the glory of combat and draw strength from each kill, becoming more dangerous as the battle goes on. Every time a Gladiator defeats an opponent, he/she gets +1 to all initially non-zero stats, but carefull, it can be dispelled.

This ability also applies to passive kills, i.e. if a Gladiator defeats an opponent through something like Thorns, Return Fire, Magic Reflect, etc, Bloodlust still gets triggered.

Bloodlust is an incredibly powerful ability, and we're sure you will find all sorts of imaginative ways to combo it with other abilities to give your teams an edge against rival guilds!

In order to use Gladiators in a brawl:

The Guild Store should be at least Level 2 - so you can start collecting Gladiator cards (level 2 unlocks Gladius Cases for purchase).

Barracks should be at least Level 2 - unlocks Unleash I, allowing you to use Gladiator cards.

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