Tokenizing Booster Packs

Tokenizing Booster Packs will allow a user to transfer booster packs to and from several external wallets, including Hive-Engine, Steem-Engine, and WAX. While the packs cannot be opened when tokenized, they can be listed and traded on external markets.

Please note that starting with Dice edition packs, we no longer support tokenizing to Steem-engine. You can still tokenize to Steem-engine for Untamed and older edition card packs.

Your Hive-Engine wallet is linked automatically because your Splinterlands account is also a Hive blockchain account, but you will need to link your WAX wallet to your Splinterlands account if you wish to transfer tokenized packs to and from your Wax wallet.

How to Tokenize Packs

If you would like to tokenize your booster backs, you can do so by clicking the ‘Convert’ button on the Mana Well (Open) page, or you can go to Inventory Other page and select the ‘Tokenize’ option from the burger menu displayed in line with the pack selection that you wish to tokenize.

This will open the ‘Convert Packs’ menu. that will allow you to either tokenize or deposit packs to/from your various linked external wallets. It will also show you how many packs you are already holding in your internal and external wallets.

Select the chosen wallet from the dropdown, specify the number of packs to move, then click TOKENIZE to move out of the game, or DEPOSIT to move into the game.

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