Hive Keychain

Hive Keychain is a secure method of interacting with various Dapps on the Hive blockchain and transferring assets. It is also the preferred login method for Splinterlands.

Now that you are in control of your HIVE account keys and have stored them in a safe place, you'll need to set up a secure method of logging into Splinterlands and other dapps on HIVE. For this, we highly recommend the HIVE Keychain Extension (created by Matt Rosen, co-founder of Splinterlands), which securely stores the keys needed to interact with your account.

Keychain for Chrome/Brave Keychain for Firefox

Once installed, you'll be prompted to secure Keychain with a memorable password. After that, we suggest you transfer in your HIVE blockchain Master password after selecting "Add New Account."

Keychain does NOT save your Master password but instead breaks it down into the three keys you use on the HIVE blockchain: Posting Key, Active Key, and Memo Key. Keychain does not store your Owner key. Remember, it is your responsibility to safely store your keys offline, especially your Owner key and Master Password.

Once you have imported your HIVE account keys into HIVE Keychain, you'll be able to securely log in to Splinterlands and other HIVE dapps with only your Keychain password.

HIVE Keychain must be installed separately on each device you use to play Splinterlands, but importing and exporting account data is simple through the "Manage Account" menu as pictured below.

Notice that only public keys are shown, and private keys may only be obtained by clicking to reveal a specific key.

That's it! You should have a basic understanding of your HIVE account and the various keys that unlock and control it. Now you can battle in Splinterlands every day with all the security and ownership of a blockchain while logging into Keychain easily with a simple and safe password.

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