SPS Rewards

SPS Rewards for Guild Brawls

As per the SPS whitepaper, there are 2.5M SPS allocated for guild brawls per month (reducing at a rate of 1% per month), which will be distributed as follows.

The proposed breakdown of the overall reward pool by brawl tier is shown in the following table:

When the rewards are paid out at the end of a Brawl, the SPS per tier per Brawl Cycle (shown in the table above) gets divided equally by the number of individual Brawls in each tier for any given Cycle. At this point, fractions are rounded to 3 decimal places. The result is the prize pot for each Brawl.

The share of the prize pot that each participating guild gets is proportional to the points of the guild in relation to the total points for that particular Brawl. This means that SPS rewards will be greater for guilds that get the most points from battles. This is almost the same as the method for dividing the Crown pot, except there is no bonus amount for the Top 3 guilds as there is for Crowns.

The SPS awarded to each guild gets divided by the number of Frays for that tier to arrive at the max amount of staked SPS that can be given to each participating guild member.

Each guild member’s staked SPS share is determined following:

  • Only guild members who submit at least 75% of their battles (i.e. have 25% or less unsubmitted battles) for a given Brawl are eligible to receive the full SPS amount for rewarding individual participation. Alternatively, the amount of SPS given is proportional to the number of battles submitted; for example, submitting 3/5 battles = 60% of the full amount of SPS.

All unearned SPS will be sent to the DAO. Future proposal votes could allocate this SPS in any way the DAO agrees.

Please Note

  • If fewer than 10 guilds actively participate in a brawl tier, then the total rewards available for that tier will be reduced proportionately. For example, if only a single guild in a tier exists, then only 10% of the total SPS rewards would be available for that tier. Similarly, if there are 3 guilds in a tier, then 30% of the rewards would be available, etc. until there are 10 or more guilds, at which point 100% of the rewards are available.

  • If there is only a single guild in a brawl tier, the current behavior of the guild getting automatically moved down to the nearest non-empty tier will still occur. So such a guild will still have the fun of brawling in addition to an extra SPS reward. This is another way to ensure guilds do not feel hesitant about moving up in tiers and recognizes the phenomenal achievement of a guild that has beaten all others to become the first to reach a higher tier.

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