Splinterlands Credits

Credits are used to make purchases within Splinterlands. You may buy Credits with PayPal or various forms of cryptocurrency.

Credits can be purchased with any of the cryptocurrencies accepted by Splinterlands or with PayPal. The minimum fiat purchase is $10, the minimum crypto purchase is $1. Credits cannot be transferred and can only be purchased in increments of 10 which is $0.01 (1000 credits = $1)

Pegged Value

Credits are a spending balance within Splinterlands. Credits are always valued at 1000 Credits = $1


Unlike Dark Energy Crystals, Credits cannot be transferred between players or accounts. Your Credit balance can only be spent in Splinterlands, and Credits have no monetary value outside of their ability to purchase packs, cards, and other items in the Splinterlands shop.

Referral Bonuses

Splinterlands offers referral bonuses on qualifying purchases for accounts whom you have referred to Splinterlands. If any account you referred to Splinterlands buys a core set pack directly from the shop, Legendary or Alchemy potions or Spellbook with Credits, Splinterlands will give you a 5% affiliate payment.

All payouts from the Splinterlands affiliate system are paid out in Credits.

Purchasing Credits

When paying with ERC-20 tokens, make sure that the wallet you are sending from is not an exchange wallet (Metamask is highly recommended) and that you have enough ETH in the wallet to cover gas fees, for which you, the purchaser, are responsible. Make sure you are familiar with THESE TERMS.

Credits can be purchased either with Paypal or with any of the cryptocurrencies listed below.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies

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