Glint Rewards Shop

Use your Glint earned during Ranked Play to obtain amazing rewards! The Reward Shop stocks everything from Potions and Soulbound Cards to JACKPOT prizes! Unless otherwise stated, available stock refreshes at the start of every Ranked Season.

What is Glint?

Glint, previously called Reward Shares, is an in-game nontransferable currency that players earn by participating in Modern or Wild Ranked Battles or by Burning Soulbound Reward Cards. Glint may be used to purchase items in the Reward Shop. Glint is earned throughout each season and then distributed at the end of each season as an additional reward.

What Is In the Reward Shop?

Currently, all items in the Reward Shop are sold in batches of 10. Once the batch sells out, it’s restocked at a 50% higher price. At the start of every Ranked Season, the shop resets, and items are restocked at their initial prices.

Soulbound Rarity Draws

Players may select a specific card rarity for purchase. The cost is 100 glint per Common Card, 500 per Rare Card, 5,000 per Epic card, and 25,000 per Legendary card. The price will increase every 400 Common cards, 100 Rare cards, 25 Epic cards, and 10 Legendary cards. At the end of each Season, prices will reset.

  • These draws will always contain a single soulbound card.

  • Legendary potions will not be used with these openings.

  • There is a base 2% gold foil chance for each draw. Double this chance by using Alchemy Potions.

Loot Chests

With 3 different levels, players may purchase up to 100 Minor, 50 major or 10 Ultimate chest before the pricing increases by 50%.

*Please Note: Each draw automatically consumes potions. This can be adjusted in your settings.

Chests content and drop rates can be seen in the chart below:

Merit purchases are only available to players who have joined Guilds. A level 2 Guild Store is required to purchase items such as Gladiator Cards containing Gladius Cases.

Legendary potions double the chance of receiving Legendary cards in draws and packs while Alchemy Potions double the chance of receiving Gold Foil cards in draws and packs.

Energy allows players to play more ranked battles. Purchase wisely as the price of energy increases with each league!

Titles are currently the only transferable item in the reward shop. Only one title of each rarity (Rare, Epic, Legendary) may be purchased from the Reward Shop. These titles may be listed in the Non-Card Market, or staked on land.

The reward shop is continually updated. Check back often for updates!

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