Account & Keys

It is important to understand how security of your blockchain account works.

When you upgrade your Splinterlands account by purchasing the $10 Summoner's Spellbook, a HIVE blockchain account is created for you. This blockchain account is what enables you to own and transfer Splinterlands assets, but it also allows you to transact in many different ways on the HIVE blockchain, which branches out further than the Splinterlands game alone (see also Hive Dapps).

Your Account

When you purchase the Summoner's Spellbook upgrade and your HIVE account is created, you'll be asked to choose a unique user name. This user name will not only be your in-game name for Splinterlands but the name and address of your HIVE blockchain account.

When sending HIVE tokens to the account, your user name acts as the receiving address. If the HIVE account name selected is "hiveuser," a withdraw of HIVE from Bittrex would be arranged as pictured below.

Your Keys

Every HIVE account has multiple keys, and each of them is used for different types of blockchain transactions. Not only are these keys required to interact with your HIVE account, but if you lose them, you can permanently lose access to your HIVE account. Take great care to keep track of all your private keys, which includes writing them down and keeping them in multiple secure places offline.

Each of the 4 keys below (excluding Master Password) has a public version and a private version. The private version is for your eyes only.

For more information about HIVE keys, visit THIS WIKI.

Posting Key

The posting key is used exclusively for submitting posts, applying upvotes and downvotes, selecting and deselecting followers, muting accounts, and claiming reward balances.

In Splinterlands, transactions such as battles, claiming rewards, and combining cards require only posting permission.

Active Key

The active key is used to confirm transactions or trades or change user settings.

In Splinterlands, the Active key is required for all transactions of monetary value, such as sending assets and making market purchases as well as transferring cards and using the rental market.

Memo Key

The Memo Key is used for handling private messages and encrypted transaction memos.

Owner Key

The owner key is the key with the highest privilege level. It is required to change all other account keys. This is the key that should be most carefully safeguarded against loss or theft. With this key, your account can be completely taken over by a malicious party.

Master Password

The master password is used to derive all keys above. Do not use the master password to log into or any other Hive application. Never copy the master password into posts or transaction memos. Use the lower privilege keys to maintain the security of your account.

Requesting Your Keys

Until you are ready to manage your keys yourself, they will be held safely by Splinterlands. Once you fully understand your key management responsibilities, you can request your keys from Splinterlands.

Before you have requested your keys, Splinterlands will be able to recover your account via your email in the case of a forgotten password. After the keys have been requested, your account cannot be easily recovered.

In case you have lost your keys, Splinterlands is able to recover them through support (as long as you have not changed them) using the original stored set of keys for your account. Account keys can and should be changed in the event of your account being compromised, but after this change, Splinterlands will not be able to recover your keys.

Keys can only be requested once. Once you have requested your account keys, a one-time link will be emailed to you at the address with which you joined.

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