Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX)

Splinterlands assets can be bridged to and from the WAX blockchain.

The Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) is one of Splinterlands oldest partners who has become an industry-leading blockchain in NFT developments such as gaming, collectibles, and more.

Create a free WAX wallet at THIS LINK.

Visit the WAX homepage at THIS LINK.

The WAX Bridge

Splinterlands lives on the HIVE blockchain, but the tokenized assets of Splinterlands can be transferred to the WAX blockchain by way of the Splinterlands WAX bridge. There, they can be traded on secondary markets like our official WAX market at Atomic Hub and transferred between WAX accounts.


How it Works

When assets are transferred from Splinterlands to a linked WAX wallet (described below), ownership of the assets is transferred to a Splinterlands-owned account called sl-wax, which holds the assets until they are transferred back into the Splinterlands game, where they can once again be used. At the same time, a new mint is created on WAX from the collection splintrlands and issued to the address of the player's linked WAX wallet.

The new asset on WAX becomes a representation of the original, which is held in the Splinterlands account sl-wax until the item is moved back into the game. Then when the item is eventually moved back to be opened, played, combined, or used in Splinterlands, the WAX NFT is burned and custody of the original Splinterlands asset is restored to the player.

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