Brawls are large-scale tournaments in which Guilds fight together against other Guilds, competing to earn Crowns and racing to level their Arenas.

What is a Brawl?

Brawls are Guild vs Guild arena combat, similar to Anytime tournaments, but with several guilds all facing off against each other and more emphasis on teamwork with your guildmates rather than rewarding individual performance.

Not all Guilds fight in the same brawl. There can be many Brawls ongoing simultaneously. Up to 10 guilds of the same Tier are randomly grouped together for each Brawl.

All brawls are fought in the Wild battle format, meaning that brawls allow the use of all cards from all editions.

Brawl Cycles

Brawls follow a continuously repeating 5-day cycle, broken down into phases as follows:

  • Phase 1 - Prep Stage: (2 days) In this phase, guild members decide which Frays they would like to join before the combat starts. A Fray is analogous to Anytime tournament groups, except each Fray has different level limits, card editions, and allowed foils. So you can pick Frays that are best suited to your play style and individual strengths.

  • Phase 2 - Combat Stage: (2 days) This stage is similar to a traditional Anytime tournament. You'll have 48 hours to select teams for all your battles, and you will fight the players in other guilds who also joined the same Fray.

  • Phase 3 - Results Stage: (1 day) Once the combat is over, you can see the results of the Brawl - how guilds performed relative to one another, how many CROWNS each guild won, and how many Merits each participating member of the guild won. In this stage, you can decide if you want to spend any of your guild's winnings on building upgrades or adjust settings for the next Brawl cycle.

Just like Anytime tournaments, you can participate at any time during each phase, there is no need to be logged on at a specific time.

Note: A Brawl cycle can be extended by a day if it would end during one of our planned maintenance windows.

How to Participate

To participate in a brawl, you must be in a guild, and your guild must have at least a level 1 Arena building. The Arena building can be constructed by guild members contributing 10k DEC and then requires both DEC and CROWNS in order to level up beyond that.

Once a guild has an Arena, then the leader or officers can click on the "Settings" button in the Brawl tab and set the brawls status to "Active". When the brawl starts, all guilds that have built an Arena and have set their brawl status to "Active" will be entered into the brawl.

Guild leaders or officers can set their brawl status to "Inactive" at any time which means that the guild will not participate in new brawls until it is set back to "Active", even if they have built the Arena building.

For participating in Brawls, guilds earn Crowns, and participating members of the guild are awarded Merits. These are special, non-transferable, non-tradeable guild currencies that will allow the guild to upgrade the Arena and other future buildings as well as to be able to purchase items for the guild in the upcoming guild shop.

Brawl Frays

During the prep stage, each guild member can choose one of the available Frays to fight in. A Fray is similar to Anytime tournament groups, except each Fray has different level limits, card editions, and allowed foils. So you can pick a Fray that is best suited to your play style and individual strengths, to battle against all the players from other guilds who choose the same Fray.

Your Guild does not have to fill all their frays in a brawl, some can be left open. Some guilds might not be able to fill all Frays, and this is perfectly fine. However the more Frays get filled, the more potential CROWN rewards can be won.

Brawl Tiers

Brawl Tiers can range from 1 star to 5 stars. Guilds that are in the same Tier will be matched against each other. Higher Tiers generally mean more guild members can participate at once, the Frays are more challenging, and the potential CROWN rewards are greater.

When a guild upgrades to the next Tier, certain frays are added or removed. This is pretty critical information for guilds that are on the border of upgrading but don't know what frays they will be facing when doing so.

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