Hive Engine

HIVE-Engine is the decentralized exchange for Dark Energy Crystals on the HIVE blockchain.

Because your Splinterlands account is also a HIVE blockchain account, you are able to use it to transact on the decentralized exchange (DEX) at

Buying DEC on HIVE-Engine

Buying Through Splinterlands -

The easiest way to use HIVE-Engine to purchase DEC is through

  1. Acquire HIVE tokens in your HIVE account wallet.

  2. Click the + next to your DEC balance in the upper right on

  3. Enter the amount of HIVE with which you'll be purchasing DEC.

  4. Sign the transaction using your HIVE Keychain extension and the DEC will appear in moments.

Buying Through HIVE-Engine Directly

By purchasing your DEC directly from the HIVE-Engine DEX, you can avoid the 5% processing fee applied by the Splinterlands method, but there are a few additional steps.

Depositing HIVE into HIVE-Engine

  1. Acquire HIVE tokens in your HIVE account wallet.

  2. Sign in to with your HIVE account and go to your Wallet page.

  3. Click Deposit at the top of the screen.

  4. Select HIVE from the dropdown.

  5. Enter the amount of HIVE to deposit. It will be converted to SWAP.HIVE, which you will use to purchase DEC from the DEX.

Purchasing DEC with SWAP.HIVE

  1. Go to the DEC Market Page on HIVE-Engine.

  2. Scroll to Buy Orders and Sell Orders and locate the cheapest Sell Order that offers the quantity of DEC you are looking for.

  3. Input the Price of that Sell Order in the Price field under Buy DEC above.

  4. Input the quantity of DEC you wish to purchase.

  5. Double-check price and quantity, then place your Buy Order. If you have done it correctly, it will be filled immediately.

If you create a Buy Order with a lower price than those currently offered, it will appear in the Buy Orders list until someone creates a Sell Order whose price matches your Buy Order.

Selling DEC on HIVE-Engine

Selling DEC on HIVE-Engine is very similar to the above process of buying DEC on HIVE-Engine.

  1. Start with the DEC Market Page.

  2. Create a Sell Order by filling out the Sell DEC section. If you match the price of your Sell Order to the price of one of the open Buy Orders in the list, it will be filled immediately. If you create a Sell Order that is more expensive than the Buys currently available, it will be listed as an open Sell Order and be filled when someone places a corresponding Buy.

  3. When filled, you will be paid in SWAP.HIVE, which can then be withdrawn to an external wallet (such as an exchange) or traded for one of the other SWAP. pegged cryptocurrencies on HIVE-Engine (BTC, LTC, ETH, BAT, etc.) that can then be withdrawn to the wallet of your choice.

Transferring DEC in/out of Splinterlands

All transfers of DEC to and from external sites and blockchains are simple when your wallet is linked to your Splinterlands account.

When you click on your DEC balance in Splinterlands, you'll find the DEC Transfer Page. With this page, you are able to transfer DEC in or out of any of your linked wallets, including HIVE-Engine, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, and STEEM-Engine.

To transfer DEC to HIVE-Engine from Splinterlands, input the amount of DEC you wish to transfer and select HIVE-ENGINE WALLET from the dropdown. Then click TRANSFER OUT and the DEC will be immediately added to your HIVE-Engine wallet.

To transfer DEC into HIVE-Engine, click TRANSFER IN instead of TRANSFER OUT. As long as the amount is available in your HIVE-Engine wallet (displayed at left), the transferred DEC will then show up in your in-game balance in moments.

From HIVE-Engine, you can also send the DEC to the @steemmonsters account and it will automatically be added to your in-game Splinterlands DEC balance.

That's it! Now you know how to use HIVE-Engine to transact with Dark Energy Crystals.

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