Collection Power

What is Collection Power?

Every Splinterlands account holds a single Collection Power score, or the total combined DEC Burn Value of all cards in a player's control (there are some exceptions: Soulbound cards contribute to Collection Power but do not have a DEC Burn Value). Your current Collection Power is the total sum of cards:

  • Cards owned by you

  • Cards rented from other players

  • Cards delegated to you by other players

What is Collection Power Used For?

Collection Power can be used as a tournament entry requirement. This measure ensures that only individuals at or above the specified Collection Power may participate.

  • Gladiator cards and cards staked on land no longer count toward Collection Power for tournament entry requirements.

Collection Power used to be a factor in determining the maximum league a player could access in both Modern and Wild. This functionality was removed during the Ranked Battle Overhaul on Feb. 29th, 2024.

Where Can I View My Collection Power?

You can view your account’s Collection Power under the Cards tab, on your Items page, as indicated in the image:

How is the burn value determined?

Each card has a power value, this is used to determine the burn value of the card. Most cards can be burned for Dark Energy Crystal (DEC), although Gladiator Cards are burned for Merits and Soulbound Reward Cards are burned for Glint.

Several variables influence burn value:

  • Rarity: The more rare the card, the higher its DEC burn value.

  • BCX: The more copies of a card combined into an individual card, the higher the DEC burn value.

  • Foil: Gold Foil cards have a higher DEC burn value than Regular Foil.

  • Set: Older and rarer editions of cards have higher DEC burn values.

You can locate the burn value of specific cards by clicking on a specific card in your collection, navigating to the Card Details screen, and reviewing the Power column. To convert cards to DEC, Glint, or Merits, click the checkbox of the desired card. Next, click the button indicated by the red arrow below.

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