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Creating Content

Your Hive blockchain account (upgraded Splinterlands account) allows you to create content on the various interfaces to the Hive blockchain and receive upvotes from community members. With staked HIVE (HIVE Power) you are also able to upvote the content of others and reward them with upvotes of value that are proportional to your stake.
The official Hive blogging platform of Splinterlands is Splintertalk.io, where the content is 100% Splinterlands related. Creators and curators there receive payouts in the Splintertalk (SPT) token, the 2nd layer blogging reward token of Splinterlands.


SPT can be traded on TribalDEX or HIVE-Engine, and will eventually have more use cases within the Splinterlands game. Players can also stake their SPT through both of the above exchanges, which gives them the ability to award larger SPT upvotes when curating others' content.
To stake SPT, click the lock icon when viewing SPT in your wallet.

Posting Content

Players may also post their content on Peakd.com or Hive.blog, the two leading Hive blockchain interfaces. To make sure your Splinterlands content posted on these sites is cross-posted to Splintertalk, use the tag #SPT in your post. Then you will also be rewarded in SPT tokens upon the post's payout.