Setting up BSC on Metamask

Learn how to set up your Metamask wallet extension to transact on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

For interacting with Binance Smart Chain to allow transfers of DEC, we strongly recommend using the Metamask wallet extension.

1. Install Metamask

If you have not already done so to interact with the Ethereum blockchain, you must first install the Metamask wallet, which you'll find at THIS LINK.

2. Create a Wallet

Follow the instructions provided by Metamask to create a new wallet. Make sure you write down your backup seed phrase and store it safely offline.

If you already have a Metamask wallet, you can skip this step.

3. Configure Your Wallet for BSC

It is important to understand this part of the process, or you will risk losing your funds. You will be using the same Metamask wallet to access the Binance Smart Chain instead of Ethereum Mainnet.

For more in-depth instructions and explanations, visit BINANCE ACADEMY HERE.

Start by locating the SETTINGS menu by clicking on the icon in the upper right of your Metamask wallet.

  1. Open the SETTINGS menu.

  2. Choose NETWORKS to add a custom RPC network.

  3. Select ADD NETWORK and you will see 5 blank fields.

  4. Fill the five fields out with the following information:

  • Network Name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: ChainID: 56 Symbol: BNB Block Explorer URL:

Once these fields are filled in, click SAVE, and interaction with BSC main net should now be possible through your Metamask wallet.

4. Switching Metamask to BSC

Simply click the dropdown at the top of your wallet that says Ethereum Mainnet, then select BINANCE SMART CHAIN from the list.

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