Riftwatchers was a mini-set of 43 brand new cards (13 common, 12 rare, 6 epic (Summoners), and 12 legendary (including 5 airdrops, in addition to the limited edition promo card).

They can be filtered for on the Items and Market pages with the option seen below:

Similar to previous editions, Riftwatchers contained 5 cards that were added to the set each time 500k Riftwatchers packs were sold. These cards were also airdropped to players who had already purchased Riftwatchers packs, with each pack having a chance of receiving an airdropped card. These cards were Legendary rarity, and there was one for each of the five basic elements in the game.

100% of the SPS tokens spent on purchasing Riftwatchers mini sets went directly to the SPS DAO for the benefit of all token holders.

The Riftwatchers card edition introduced the new Fury ability to the Splinterlands battlefield.

3,000,000 Riftwatchers Booster Packs were created.

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