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Started in mid 2018, Splinterlands is the original NFT trading card game.
Splinterlands is a unique digital trading card game that allows players to truly own their cards and other in-game assets. Thanks to web 3.0 technology powered by the HIVE blockchain, each card in Splinterlands is a non-fungible token owned by a player. That means that players can do anything they want with their cards, including battling for rewards, holding as collectibles, trading on the peer-to-peer market, combining to level up, or even burning to obtain Dark Energy Crystals, the official in-game cryptocurrency of Splinterlands.
The game was founded by blockchain innovators who shared a frustration with mainstream digital trading card games. The frustration is that when trading card games went digital, player ownership of their assets was lost somewhere along the way. The companies who actually own the cards that players are supposed to "own" themselves can withhold information, reprint cards as often as they'd like, or even completely delete a player's collection based on inactivity or a violation of terms. Through the power of blockchain, Splinterlands solves these problems by making digital trading cards transparent, scarce, and actually owned by the players who own them.
With hundreds of unique cards, Splinterlands is a brilliantly designed and fast paced trading card game that allows its players to earn by playing. Unlike more traditional TCGs like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, Splinterlands battles are fast, with each match taking only 2-3 minutes. Rather than turn-based action in which every move is carefully and slowly controlled, Splinterlands' main mechanic is a drafting style. Once an opponent is found, each player assembles a team of up to 6 cards from their Splinterlands collection. Then according to a unique set of rules that make every match different, the battle is played out automatically in a quick action-packed format that allows players to learn from both victory and defeat.
Splinterlands is a strategist's dream, beloved by one of the largest and most loyal followings in the play-to-earn industry. It is translated into nearly a dozen languages and played in over 100 countries worldwide. Each day, thousands of cards are traded for thousands of dollars on the peer 2 peer monster market. Join the fight at Splinterlands.com.
For a historical rundown of Splinterlands' years of success, visit THIS PAGE.
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