Get your Guild trained and ready for battle

To attract Gladiators and increase the effectiveness of their Battle Mages, the top Guilds of Praetoria have invested in the construction of sprawling Barracks compounds. These training facilities specialize in sophisticated Tactics for Brawling. Even a slight advantage in combat can often mean the difference between ignoble defeat or glorious victory!

The higher your Barracks level the more tactics your team can use at once in brawl battles.

The Barracks will provide Tactic Buffs to all guild members at each level which will increase their chances of emerging victorious in the guild brawls. It is not required for guilds to upgrade their Barracks at all, however, guilds that do not upgrade their Barracks will be at a disadvantage when battling guilds with higher-level Barracks in the brawls.

Level: Working together to construct a larger Barracks will allow you to more effectively train in powerful brawl tactics! Once the Guild Power requirements have been met, a guild leader may pay construction costs from the Guild’s Crown Balance.

Cost: Barracks construction requires a cost in both Guild Power and Crowns. Crowns are awarded to guilds that participate in Brawls.

Tactic: Each Barracks level unlocks a new Tactic for use in Brawls. Understanding how each tactic can be used to your Guild's advantage is the key to becoming the ultimate Brawl Champions!

Note: Tactics can only be used in Brawls. They do not apply to normal Ranked Battles or Tournament play. You don't have to do anything else to use Tactics. They will be automatically unlocked and applied for all guild members when the Barracks levels up.

Further note: the following Tactics give you an advantage in Home Arena battles: Advantage, Banish I, Banish II, and Ambush. These 4 will benefit the Home player and hurt the Away player. All other Tactics apply to both Home and Away battles.

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