Splinterlands' Leagues, ranging from Novice to Champion, are a visual indicator of the rating range that a player is currently in. As of the Ranked Battle Overhaul, players do not choose to advance or remain within a league; as rating increases, a player’s league will reflect the range they’re in.

How Leagues affect general gameplay:

  • To earn Reward Points, you must be at least Bronze III in either the Modern or Wild format. For example, you can be Novice in Wild and Bronze III in Modern, and then you will be able to earn rewards from Modern battles, but not Wild battles.

  • Each player can potentially earn more Glint and SPS rewards by playing in higher leagues.

  • The end-of-season rating reset will continue to work as it does now, with the reset applied separately to your Modern & Wild leagues.

Leagues of Splinterlands

The 6 Leagues of Splinterlands cover a wide range of collections, experience, and skills. A brand new player in their first week will find themselves in the Novice and Bronze Leagues, while the most experienced players battle it out each Season for the coveted League of Champion I.

As of the Ranked Battle Overhaul, there are no limits on card level maximums outside of what Summoner’s themselves limit, meaning a player can use higher level cards in lower leagues. This will cause them to advance quickly, until they reach a rating where their current cards are the most competitive.

Rewards increase as players move higher up in Leagues, as does the complexity of strategies used and the difficulty of the competition.

(Note: the examples below show Modern Leagues, Wild Leagues will be identical)


The Novice League is the starting place for every new account. Every battle in this League is given the Standard ruleset alone. To earn Season rewards, a player must rise above the Novice League.


Bronze is the first League that implements rulesets. In the Bronze League, players start earning Glint and SPS rewards. Earnings are low as it is the lowest league to play in.


The Silver League is one of the most played entry-level leagues, with Glint and SPS earnings slightly higher


The Gold League concentrates the mid-level players, with a fairly balanced investment and earnings ratio.


In the Diamond League you can find the best players trying to rise to glory.


In the Champions League you can get the best players, and the top 50 receive rewards in DEC tokens. Here all the rulesets are available and the Glint and SPS profits are the best

In Tournaments

Leagues are also used in the creation of tournaments to limit the level of cards that may be used in that tournament. Players with combined cards of higher levels can also play in tournaments with limited League levels, but they are only able to play with the limited versions of their cards.

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