Buying Cards

This guide is for buying cards on the Splinterlands market.

Buying Cards

If you intend to buy cards from the internal market, use the filters on the Market page to locate the cards you wish to purchase. When your filtered selection of cards appears, you can see several things at a glance before clicking an individual card.

Click on the card you wish to buy, and you'll be taken to that specific card's 'For Sale' tab from the Collection Page. This can also be accessed through the Cards page by selecting a card and then selecting the For Sale tab.

You can select the order in which you want to view the cards for sale by selecting one of the options from the drop-down menu provided.

If there is a clock icon on the specific card’s row (as pictured below), it indicates that the card is still subject to a Cooldown, which means that the card has been used in battle in the last 48 hours, and that it will not be playable by you (the new owner) until the cooldown period has ended. You can hover over the icon, which will tell you exactly how much time remains for cooldown.

Once you have selected the card(s) you wish to purchase, choose from the drop-down to select a payment option (either Credits or DEC), then complete the transaction by clicking Buy (seen below). You must sign for the transaction with your active key to proceed. If your purchase was successful, the page will refresh automatically and you will be able to see the cards you have purchased in your collection; the market page will be updated to reflect the purchase as well.

Cards can also be bought on third-party markets such as PeakMonsters and Monster Market.

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