Buying Cards
This guide is for buying cards on the Splinterlands market.

Buying Cards

First, use the filters on the market page to locate the cards you wish to purchase. When your filtered selection of cards appears below, you will be able to see several things at a glance before clicking an individual card's page.
Click on the card you wish to shop and you'll be taken to that specific card's FOR SALE tab from the Collection Page. This can also be accessed through the CARDS page by selecting a card, then choosing the FOR SALE tab.
Cards on the market are always listed with the cheapest per BCX at the top. You can select up to 45 lines to be purchased in a single transaction. If buying multiple cards, you can hold SHIFT to check multiple boxes at once.
If there is a clock icon on the line (as pictured below), it means that the card has been recently played and is still subject to a cooldown. Hover over the icon and it will tell you exactly how much time remains in the card's cooldown.
Once you have selected the cards you wish to purchase, choose from the dropdown to select a payment option (either Credits or DEC), then complete the transaction. Once the page refreshes automatically, you will be able to see those cards in your collection and the market page will be updated to reflect the purchase.
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