Buying DEC Through Splinterlands

  1. Click the + next to your DEC balance in the upper right on

  1. Select your payment method

  1. FIAT payments are processed via Transak and this option will let you purchase Hive with Credit Card, Bank Transfer etc. It will then automatically be converted into DEC. Please Note: Transak is not available for all countries. This service is not available to all US customers and an extra KYC process could be required by Transak. Select your amount ($30 minimum - $1500 maximum) and click the buy DEC button

Fill out the required data and complete your purchase

  1. CRYPTO payments are processed via TeraBlock. You must connect your EVM Wallet first

Fill out your Splinterlands Username / Hive Wallet here and click continue

You should be able to choose your desired network (ETH/BSC) and use any of your available tokens in your wallet. Also, you can choose to receive DEC or SPS tokens if you want. Click Continue.

Confirm the purchase transaction in your Wallet and wait for the transaction to complete.

  1. SPS payments (CONVERT SPS TO DEC). You can use this in-game feature to burn your SPS tokens and receive Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) at a rate of (SPS Burned x SPS Market Price x 975) DEC. Fill out the SPS amount you want to burn and click confirm:

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