Community Built Resources

Our amazing Splinterlands community is always working towards creating helpful tools to make each Splinterlands player's journey a more enriched one.

Here are some of the amazing tools designed by our very own Splinterlands community members:

Sites: PeakMonsters - Asset management system & Marketplace

Monster Market - Splinterlands marketplace and tools. Buy assets, get back 60% of the revenue in DEC, instantly

Aqualis Market - Marketplace with 70% of revenue in cashback instantly, plus trading competitions and giveaways for loyal users

Splex - Asset management system

Splintershare - Compact rewards display

Barons Toolbox -Streamer assets, unique land manager, and guild management.

Splintercards - Card stats, calculation tools & data about tokens and packs

SplinterStats - A set of tools for accessing, sorting, and sharing data from Splinterlands.

Archmage - Premium bot service

Summoner Lab - Marketplace with price charts

Xbot - Premium bot service, analytics, and utilities

LegendaryTools - Bot and claimswap service

Please note that the list above will evolve as new projects are developed or taken down. Please do not consider this a complete list of all the available community assets. If you would like to have a Splinterlands-related project listed here, please reach out to support via

As much as we appreciate the dedicated effort that our community members put in to create Splinterlands-related sites, services, and platforms, it is important to note that these community projects are in no way directly promoted by, affiliated with, or in partnership with Splinterlands. Splinterlands will not be held responsible for any loss of assets, data, or crypto in the event of users making use of community-built resources.

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