Land Phase 1

Land Phase 1 introduced the ability to survey claimed deeds. While claiming deeds reveals the location of individual plots, surveying reveals the Land Type, Rarity, and Geography of land. Players were also able to purchase Starter Packages before surveying. These provide a variety of benefits to land in the later stages.

Surveyed Deeds

Once Surveyed, Land Deeds are updated with the Land Type, Rarity, and Geography.

Surveyed Deed

Land Type

  • Natural - Natural lands do not provide a boost to production.

  • Magic - 100% production Boost to Secret of Praetoria Research

  • Occupied - 100% boost to SPS mining

  • Kingdom - Keep owners collect taxes from production in their tract while Castle owners collect taxes from their entire region.


Prateoria has 14 different terrain types ranging from Desert to Tundra. Praetorian terrain preferences dictate which elements favor the various terrain types. This information is key to determining which cards will be the most productive on a particular plot of land.


Rarity follows the same designations as Splinterlands cards with Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The Land expansion adds one Level above Legendary, called Mythic. Mythic Lands hold Castles and Keeps. Castles and Keeps are ancient structures hidden within Praetoria with incredible magical power. They collect resources via taxes from the active plots in their tracts or regions. Lands of higher Rarity provide greater boosts to resource production.


Starter Packages

**Please Note: Starter Packages are no longer available.

Learn about Starter Packages in the Whitepaper. They were available for purchase during the initial Surveying process and were only available for 60 days post-release.

  • Building in a Box - provides all necessary resources to construct a Level 1 building (or equivalent).

    • The power source included in this package is non-transferable.

  • Time Vault - provides 48 hours or 'speed up' perks - reducing the processing time for certain actions.

  • Unstable Totem - provides a temporary 30-day bonus that doubles the production rate for a building on the applied plot.

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