Splinterlands tournaments are scheduled events in which players battle for a prize pool. They come in several different forms and can be customized in many different ways.

Anytime Tournaments

These tournaments are the most popular style of Splinterlands tournament. They allow players to select and submit their teams whenever is convenient for them. Depending on how many players are involved in the tournament, there are a set number of rounds. During each round of the tournament, each player submits the required number of battles. Then when the round is over and all battles have been submitted, tournament players are ranked based on the results and a certain portion of players go on to the next round.
To participate in an anytime tournament, you must be registered for the tournament by its scheduled starting time. Battles not submitted are automatically counted as losses.

Live Tournaments

Live tournaments are original-style Splinterlands tournaments based on elimination and bracketing. These can be hosted through the official Splinterlands tournament interface or externally using the Challenge option and organized manually or through a third-party site such as Challonge.com.
For live tournaments, players must not only be registered but checked in prior to the start of the event to be eligible to participate. In some cases, there are additional requirements, such as completion of a prerequisite or presence in a designated Discord server.

Sit-and-Go Tournaments

In Sit-and-Go Splinterlands tournaments, the tournament begins once the target number of players has been reached. Each player generally contributes an entry fee in Dark Energy Crystals which comprises the prize pool, then a portion of the top places split the prize pool when the tournament ends. These tournaments are typically for a small number of players and do not last long.

Guild Brawls

Guild Brawls are massive cooperative tournaments in which Guilds face-off against other Guilds, competing for Crowns. Crowns are required for a Guild to level up its Arena, one of the three Guild buildings, which allows that Guild to play in higher level Brawls.
Each participating Guild is able to submit one player to each Fray of the Brawl. Each fray has different restrictions, such as level limitations and allowed cards, so the Guild must work together to choose the best players for each fray in a given Brawl. Based on the number of victories in the Brawl compared to the other competing Guilds, the Guild is awarded Crowns.
As the level of the Guild's Arena, increases, so do the number of Frays they are allowed to play in each Brawl and the possible Crown rewards that can be earned. To reach the maximum Arena level of 10, 1.5 million DEC and 4500 Crowns must be spent collectively by the Guild.

Creating a Tournament

The create-your-own tournament interface makes it simple to promote your project, product, or brand to Splinterlands players. You can offer Booster Packs or Dark Energy Crystals but also have the option to include custom prizes of your choice.
You can create a Splinterlands tournament by going through the step-by-step process on THIS PAGE.