Splinterlands tournaments are scheduled events in which players battle for a prize pool. They come in several different forms and can be customized in many different ways.

While engaging in tournaments it is important to know that some factors are determined by the Tournament Mode selection (Modern or Wild):

  • A player's Collection Power entry requirements take Modern or Wild into account (i.e. for Modern tournaments, only Modern cards will contribute to the Collection Power entry requirement).

  • Gladiator cards and cards staked on land no longer count toward Collection Power for tournament entry requirements.

  • Discounted entry fees take into account whether a tournament is Modern or Wild (i.e. for Modern tournaments the discounted fee is based on a player’s Modern league, and for Wild tournaments, the discounted fee is based on a player’s Wild league).

Different Tournament Modes

Modern & Wild Tournaments:

As with Ranked play, Wild tournaments allow you to use all cards (subject to edition restrictions placed on a given tournament of course), and Modern tournaments only allow the use of Modern cards (an additional constraint in addition to any specific edition restrictions).

On the Tournaments List screen you will be able to filter by the tournament mode:

Splinterlands Open Tournaments

Splinterlands Open tournaments rely on skill rather than playable cards in a user's collection. At the beginning of each Splinterlands open tournament, all participants will be given a complete set of cards to use based on the tournament’s series, league, and foil giving each participant an equal playing field. This means that all participants will have access to the same card selection. These Decks will be built off of the selection of playable sets and their levels as determined by the Tournament League. This can include tournaments focused around high-level/expensive decks, specific tournament levels (bronze, silver, gold, etc.), gold foil, etc regardless of rank, any battle mage may compete.

Open Tournaments and all tournaments created by sps.tournaments are sponsored by the DAO.

Different Types of Tournaments

Tournament modes can be applied to any of the following tournament types:

Anytime Tournaments

These tournaments are the most popular style of Splinterlands tournament. They allow players to select and submit their teams whenever it is convenient for them. Depending on how many players are involved in the tournament, there are a set number of rounds. During each round of the tournament, each player submits the required number of battles. Then when the round is over and all battles have been submitted, tournament players are ranked based on the results and a certain portion of players go on to the next round.

To participate in an anytime tournament, you must be registered for the tournament by its scheduled starting time. Battles not submitted are automatically counted as losses.

Single Elimination

Live tournaments are original-style Splinterlands tournaments based on elimination and bracketing. These can be hosted through the official Splinterlands tournament interface or externally using the Challenge option and organized manually.

For Single Elimination tournaments, players must not only be registered but checked in before the start of the event to be eligible to participate. A player must also have at least 1 summoner and 6 monsters from the eligible cards to be able to enter a particular tournament. (This applies to both Modern & Wild mode tournaments.) In some cases, there are additional requirements, such as completion of a prerequisite or presence in a designated Discord server.

Sit-and-Go Tournaments

In Sit-and-Go Splinterlands tournaments, the tournament begins immediately once the target number of participating players has been reached, rather than at a pre-determined fixed time. These tournaments are typically for a small number of players and do not last long.

Creating a Tournament

The create-your-own tournament interface makes it simple to promote your project, product, or brand to Splinterlands players. You can offer Booster Packs or Dark Energy Crystals but also have the option to include custom prizes of your choice.

Tournament creators will be required to select the Game Mode option to specify if a tournament should be Modern or Wild (it must be one or the other) as well as all other tournament options including the edition restrictions, gold foil, or not, etc.

Note: Only ‘Whitelisted’ Splinterlands staff are able to create Splinterlands Open Tournaments. (This option is not available to the public.)

You can create a Splinterlands tournament by going through the step-by-step process on this page.

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