Building a Collection

Building a Collection

Players must build their collection of cards from the various sets of cards within Splinterlands to create teams under different rulesets and battle conditions. Keep the distinction between Modern & Wild in mind while building your collection. Though many Wild cards are powerful and enticing, they may not be used with the Modern format. Review Sets & Editions for a comprehensive look at the various cards Splinterlands has to offer.

Starter Cards

Every player begins the game with the same set of starter cards. This set includes every Common and Rare card from the two most recent sets (Chaos Legion and Rebellion). The starter cards can be used in battle, but do not earn rewards. Additionally, starter cards may not be transferred or sold.

Starter cards carry the blue S flag in the upper right corner of the card and are more transparent. Once a starter card is rented or purchased, the flag is removed and it becomes solid as seen below.

Purchasing or renting starter cards is an excellent first step to filling out your collection. Common and rare cards tend to be less expensive and are useful for beginning players.

Buying Booster Packs

Players can purchase Booster Packs from the Rebellion set using Credits or Dark Energy Crystals. Players may purchase packs at a discounted rate using Vouchers.

Rarities and foils are dropped in these cards based on set percentages. Chances of flipping Gold Foil and Legendary cards can be doubled by purchasing Alchemy and Legendary Potions at a rate of 1 charge per card in a pack.

  • Every Booster Pack is guaranteed to contain at least one card that is Rare or better.

Bonus Booster Packs - when purchasing 100 or more booster packs from the current booster pack set or mini edition set, players qualify for additional bonus packs that can be purchased with vouchers. Vouchers can be gained through staking Splintershard tokens or purchased from other players on TribalDex.

To purchase packs, click the Splinterlands Shop and view the Packs tab.

Unlock Bonus Pack Options:

Bulk purchases of booster packs are eligible to receive additional bonus packs that only have a Voucher cost.

  • For every 100 Booster packs purchased, you will receive 5% more bonus packs.

  • For every 500 Booster packs purchased, you will receive 10% more bonus packs.

  • For every 2000 Booster packs purchased, you will receive 15% more bonus packs.

Buying Cards - Players can purchase individual cards from the peer-to-peer market at Splinterlands with Dark Energy Crystals or Credits.

Renting Cards - Because HIVE blockchain assets can be delegated, meaning loaned, to other accounts, cards can be rented using the rental marketplace at Splinterlands or 3rd party markets. Rented cards cannot be combined, sold, or transferred, but the renter can play them and they count toward that player's Collection Power.

Renting cards is an excellent way for players to increase the diversity of their playable deck. New players who only own starter cards can rent cards to earn rewards and get a feel of various cards when used in battle.

Summoners are Key

To compete with leveled-up Units, remember that leveled-up Summoners are also needed. If you have leveled up card Units beyond your summoning capability, they will always be limited in a battle to the maximum level your summoners allow. That's why it's a good idea to level up your Summoners first, then level up the Monster cards to meet their summoning level.

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