Building a Collection

Building a Collection

A player must build their collection of cards from the Splinterlands catalogue in order to create teams under different rulesets and battle conditions.
The Starter Set - Every player begins the game with the same set of starter cards, which includes every Common and Rare from current set, as well as every Common and Rare from the previous set of cards. The starter cards cannot be sold or transferred, but they can be played for rewards at 1 BCX.
Cards that are part of the starter set are designated in your Collection by an S in the card's corner, as pictured below.
Buying Booster Packs - Players can purchase Booster Packs for $2 from the current set of available cards, using Credits or Dark Energy Crystals. Rarities and foils are dropped in these cards based on set percentages, such as 0.08% Legendary. Chances of flipping Gold Foil and Legendary cards can be doubled by purchasing Alchemy and Legendary Potions at a rate of 1 charge per card flipped.
Every Booster Pack is guaranteed to contain at least one card that is Rare or better.
Buying Individual Cards - Players can purchase individual cards from the peer 2 peer market at Splinterlands.com (when available) for either Credits or Dark Energy Crystals (at the current HIVE-Engine exchange rate).
Renting Cards - Because HIVE blockchain assets can be delegated to other accounts, cards can be rented using the rental marketplace at Peakmonsters.com. Rented cards cannot be combined, sold or transferred, but they can be played by the renter and they count toward that player's Collection Power.

Summoners are Key

To compete with leveled up monster cards, remember that leveled up Summoners are a necessity. For example, to make sure that you have a max playable team from every Splinter at the Silver League, you must have Summoners that can summon level 5 Commons, level 4 Rares, level 3 Epics and level 2 Legendaries.
If you have leveled up Monster cards beyond your summoning capability, then they will always be limited in battle to the max level that your summoners allow. That's why it's a good idea to build your Summoners first, then bring the Monster cards up to meet their summoning level.