Splinterlands on Atomic Hub

Splinterlands has an official WAX market page that can be found on Atomic Hub.

The Official Collection

The official Splinterlands collection is called splintrlands. Notice that there is no E in the collection name. This is because WAX account names must be exactly 12 characters.

The splintrlands collection is whitelisted and verified, and only Splinterlands items contained within that collection can be trusted as legitimate Splinterlands assets. There are also other fan collections and novelty NFTs that are Splinterlands related, but they are not official Splinterlands assets unless they come from the splintrlands collection.

Dedicated Market Page

Splinterlands has a dedicated market URL within Atomic Hub at https://splinterlands.atomichub.io/. Here you'll find only Splinterlands assets, and you can log in with your WAX account.

Here is the ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT of the Splinterlands WAX integration from the Splinterlands Hive blog.

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