Land Phase .5

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Land Phase .5 allowed players to convert their previously purchased Land Claims into Unsurveyed Land Deeds - each with a unique location in Praetoria.

Composed of 150,000 land plots, Praetoria is divided into 7 territories each with Regions, Tracts, and Plots.

  • Plots - A Plot is the basic unit of land in Praetoria. Players may purchase surveyed land plots within the internal land market, or unsurveyed plots from the Non-Card-Market.

  • Tracts - A Tract is a unit of 100 total Plots. Every Tract is guaranteed to contain 1 Plot with a Keep or Castle.

  • Regions - A Region Claim is a unit of 1000 Plots. Every Region is guaranteed to contain 1 Plot with a Castle and 9 Plots with Keeps.

Unsurveyed Land Deed

  • PR-PNW-013-01-002 - This represents plot number 2, in tract 1, of region 13, in the Pristine Northwest (PNW) territory and continent of Praetoria (PR).

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