The Card Rental System

Splinterlands on-site card rentals, launched in mid 2021, allows players to rent or lend cards directly through the collection interface on a daily basis.

Renting cards is an excellent way to build your deck, explore various strategies, and increase your earnings before purchasing cards. When you rent cards from other players, you can earn rewards for yourself by using them in battle, as well as help enrich the Splinterlands ecosystem. When you rent out your cards to others, you grant players access to cards they may not otherwise be able to use, and allow them to fully enjoy the Splinterlands experience.

How it Works

Players may rent cards from other players, or rent out their extra cards to other players.

  • Players may rent cards from others AND rent out their own cards on either a Daily or Seasonal basis.

  • While rentals may be paid for in DEC or Credits by the renter, all rental fees are paid to the card owner in DEC.

  • A 1 DEC or 1 Credit listing fee is burned when cards are listed for rent or sale, as well as for price changes.

  • After 30 days of inactivity, rental listings will automatically expire, requiring them to be re-listed.

The Rental Market

Rentals are visible on the Card Rentals page of the Splinterlands market. Click Market on the top menu bar in game, then the Card Rentals tab.

Additionally, there is a For Rent tab on the Card Details page of every individual card. This tab shows available cards currently for rent, with all the necessary details (DEC/Day, LVL, BCX, DEC/BCX, Power, and Card ID).

To Rent a Card

  1. Select a specific card within the Rental Market by clicking on it.

  2. Review the cards available under either the Daily or Season rental sections, using the dropdown menu indicated by the red arrow below.

  3. Locate the specific card you want to rent, using the price, level, and BCX filters. Check the box to the left of the listing (indicated by the green square in the image below).

  4. Use the dropdown indicated by the green arrow below to select payment type (Credits or DEC) and click Rent.

  1. If you selected a Daily rental, enter the number of days you would like to rent the card for (pictured below).

  2. Click Rent to complete the transaction (pictured below).

**Note: Daily Rentals can be canceled by either party at any time after the first 48 hours (2 days) of the rental contract. Any funds for unrented/remaining days will be refunded to the renter.

To List a Card on the Rental Market

  1. Navigate to the card you want to list via the Items page, Cards tab.

  2. Select an individual card from your collection by checking the box to the left of it (indicated by the green square in the image below).

  3. Click on the Market icon (the building, which will be illuminated in green after checking a specific card’s box), as indicated by the red arrow below.

  1. Click the light purple Rent Card tab (seen below).

  2. Specify your rental type (Daily or Season) using the dropdown menu.

  3. Specify your daily price in DEC and confirm all of the details.

  4. Finally, to list the card, click the green Rent seen below.

To Remove a Listing

  1. Navigate to the Card Details page and select the specific card(s) you wish to remove. Any card listed for rent will show the Building icon (seen below); any card actually rented to another user will show that Building AND the two green arrows, also seen below.

  2. Click the lit Market icon next to the card in the list, as pictured below. Cards listed for Daily rent have a minimum 2-day rental period. Cards rented out for a full Season can be cancelled, but will not be removed until the end of the specified season.

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