Modern & Wild Ranked Battles

What is Modern & Wild, and how does it affect me?

In Splinterlands, there are two different gameplay formats: Wild Ranked Battles & Modern Ranked Battles. Although the gameplay is very similar in both formats, there are a few crucial differences between the two:

Battle Format:

By splitting Splinterlands Gameplay into two formats, we allow players to enjoy ranked battles specific to their card collection.
Players who mainly own newer cards might benefit from playing in the Modern format. Only cards from more recent card editions are playable in this format, so players don’t need to worry about competing against older cards that may be difficult to acquire due to their scarcity. This will make gameplay fairer for newer players by giving them more of a level playing field.
On the other hand, veteran players with a more diverse collection including Alpha & Beta cards, may enjoy playing in the Wild format, where all cards from all sets are playable.
Of course, players are free to choose whichever format best fits their card collection & play style and can switch between one format and the other whenever they want.
Modern & Wild Battle Format

Playable Cards

As a general rule of thumb, Modern cards will always be those with card frames associated with the two most recent core editions.
This means some Reward cards and some Promo cards (like Mighty Dricken and Halfling Alchemist) count as Modern. The cards allowed in Modern Ranked play will change gradually as new editions continue to be introduced. Right now, Chaos Legion and Untamed are the two most recent core editions.
Untamed and Chaos Legion style frames are considered Modern Cards


Daily Focus Rewards and Season Rewards can be earned by playing in Modern and Wild battle formats, thus allowing players to earn Loot Chests from either format. Additionally, each respective battle format has its own individual Leaderboard Rewards.


On all game screens that show player avatars, the avatar frame will be colored depending on the player’s highest current league between the Modern & Wild formats. Example: If a player is Bronze II in Modern but Silver III in Wild, they will have the Silver avatar frame. The one exception to this rule is the Battle History screen, which shows avatar frames based on whether the screen is toggled to look at Modern data or Wild data:
Avatar Display