Reward Shares (R-Shares)

RShares (Reward Shares) are earned from Modern and Wild ranked battle wins and will determine the season and daily rewards in addition to Splintershards (SPS) rewards.

How does R-shares work:

The SPS rewards for Modern and Wild ranked battles are determined by an amount of RShares (Reward Shares) earned by a player for a win. The number of R-Shares earned is based on the following formula:

Where “rating” is a player’s rating; ECR is a player’s energy capture rate, and bonuses are applied by card type, win streak, guild lodge level, and Daily Focus bonuses. Since the rating is cubed, that means that higher ratings earn significantly more RShares than lower ratings, so the best way to increase your RShares earned quickly is by increasing your rating.

Please note that the rating is capped by the maximum for your league. This means that if you are in Bronze I, your rating will be capped at 1000 for RShares calculations even if your actual rating in the game is above that.

The amount of RShares awarded will be reduced per battle for each starter card used by the winning player in the battle by adjusting the RShare formula as follows:

Where ‘%_starter cards’ is the percentage of the winning player’s cards in the battle that are starter cards. (This includes Summoners as well as Monster cards).

As seen in the example table below, a team with 6 cards, 5 monsters, and a summoner, three of those being starter cards will yield 50% of the normal reward share value.

Please see the table below for some actual numbers around average RShares per win in each league (assuming a mid-range rating for the league, 100% ECR, and no bonuses or reductions) and the number of reward shares needed to earn certain amounts of season reward chests.

Please note that the reward shares values shown in the game UI for both quest and season rewards will be divided by 1000 to keep the numbers smaller and more easily readable.

As you can see from the above numbers if a player got to the Diamond League in one season, but then is only playing in the Bronze league next season, they may only be able to earn enough reward shares to get one Diamond chest the whole season, whereas had they stayed in Bronze the previous season then they could earn somewhere around 30 Bronze chests instead.

It is important to note that with all types of ranked battle rewards determined by RShares, it incentivizes achieving higher win rates over simply higher numbers of battles. This is because RShares are reduced by ECR, and ECR is used for both wins and losses.

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