Drafting a Team
Drafting is the basic mechanic of battling in Splinterlands. Players have a limited time to draft a team from their card collection, then that team is sent to battle against an opponent's team.
The battle process begins when you choose BATTLE on (you guessed it) the Battle page.
First, you will have to wait a few moments as an appropriate opponent is found for you. The you will be presented with an Enemy Found screen that displays a countdown, the restrictions and rules of the battle, and your opponent's recent battle history. The clock is already ticking, so after looking quickly at this information, accept the battle by clicking MAKE TEAM and you will be brought to the drafting page.
Once the drafting page appears, you'll see several things, as pictured below. On the left is your team line-up that has not yet been created. On the top, you'll see your active countdown, as well as restrictions and rulesets for the battle and allowed Splinters. Just below that are various filtration tools that will allow you to shift quickly through your collection and find the cards you're looking for.
Finally, you'll see your playable Summoners for this battle, one of which you must choose to determine the cards from which you can draft your lineup.
Pick a Summoner and it will fill the left YOUR SUMMONER space. Then the cards that can be summoned by that Summoner will appear on the screen.
One by one, pick cards and click them to place them in the YOUR MONSTERS column. The total mana of your team must fall within the mana cap that is listed above your lineup.
You can rearrange the order of the team after picking Monsters by dragging their name to the desired row in the left column.
That's it! You have until the timer runs out to select your cards and click BATTLE to submit your team.

Watching the Battle

If you have submitted your team before your opponent has submitted theirs, you'll need to wait until they are ready, then you'll be taken to the Battle screen. First your opponent will be displayed, then the battlefield will be organized with the teams you have both submitted and the details of the battle.
Once you click the Play button, the battle will begin. You can control the battle's speed using the arrow next to the Pause button. You can also go back and begin the battle over, or skip to the conclusion if you just can't wait to see who won.
Once you have submitted your team for battle, you can watch the battle whenever you're ready, or not at all. The timed portion of the battle is done once your team has been submitted, and the battle itself is technically a replay of the blockchain transaction even the first time you watch it.
While watching the battle is not part of the requirements for playing the game, it is highly recommended and not watching will result in not learning.
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