Dark Energy Crystals can be traded on the Uniswap DEX for ETH or DAI.

For anyone who is interested in more details about how Uniswap works, you can check out a great overview on the Uniswap website here.

DEC can be traded on Uniswap for either ETH or DAI

For buying and selling DEC, use these quick links:

Adding the DEC Token to your Metamask Wallet

This only needs to be done once.

  1. When signed into your Metamask wallet, scroll down and click Add Token.

  2. Click the Custom Token tab.

  3. Enter 0x9393fdc77090f31c7db989390d43f454b1a6e7f3 as the Contract Address. The rest of DEC's information should be filled in automatically.

  4. Confirm that you would like to add the token to Metamask. Then DEC should appear on your list of Metamask tokens.

Sending Dark Energy Crystals from/to Ethereum to/from in-game

Follow these steps once your ETH wallet is linked to easily send DEC from/to your Ethereum wallet to/from your in-game balance.

  1. Click on your DEC balance to open the Dark Energy Crystal menu.

  1. Click Transfer button

  1. Enter the quantity of DEC that you wish to send. Select From/To Ethereum and To/From In Game from the dropdown menu according to your case

  1. Click TRANSFER

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