Earning SPS

Splintershards (SPS) are earned by Battle Mages for every Ranked Battle win.

Play-to-Earn Rewards

Splintershards (SPS) are one type of reward that is earned from Modern and Wild Ranked Battles in Splinterlands. Only Battle Mages who have upgraded their accounts by purchasing the Summoner's Spellbook are eligible to earn SPS for every Ranked Battle won in the Bronze III League up to Champion I League.

SPS Reward Pool

Ranked battles are one of the main ways in which Splintershards (SPS) are produced.

There are 2 individual SPS reward pools, of equal size. One pool for Modern battles, and one pool for Wild battles, which operate independently of each other. These rewards pools are constantly divided among the current winning players in the respective Modern or Wild ranked battles. This is why the amount of SPS that can be earned per win is always fluctuating. The amount rewarded to each player always depends on the total number of players competing for the SPS allocated to the Reward Pool, as well as several other factors. (Listed below.)

Variables that Determine SPS Earnings per Win (For Modern & Wild Battle formats respectively)

  • Your ranked rating - The greater your rating, the greater your earnings.

  • Current League of play - Your rating points that count towards SPS rewards are capped by your League. The higher your League, the more you earn.

  • Starter Cards - You only earn rewards using owned or rented cards. While you can play with the Starter Cards, they decrease your earnings.

  • The total number of players battling - When fewer players are battling, without using Starter Cards, your share of the rewards is greater.

  • Win Streak - When in a Win Streak, a 5% SPS reward per win (with a cap of 50%) bonus is awarded.

  • Use of Gold Foil Cards - Each Gold Foil card earns a 10% bonus.

  • Guild bonus - Depending on the level of your Guild's Quest Lodge, you can earn a rshare bonus of up to 20%, which will apply to focus points, season points, and SPS earned from the battle. Technically the guild bonus increases your total rshares earned which means it increases chests earned (season and focus) and SPS earned.

  • Promo cards - Use of each Promo card earns a 10% bonus.

  • Use of Beta Cards - Each Beta card earns a 5% bonus. (Only applies to Wild Battle format)

  • Use of Alpha - Use of each Alpha card earns a 10% bonus. (Only applies to Wild Battle format)

  • Using focus-specific cards - The use of focus-specific cards will provide a bonus to the overall reward shares earned, which will apply to focus points, season points, and SPS earned from the battle.

Ranked Battle Reward Pool

The daily reward pool for SPS that can be earned in Ranked Battles is 1.8 million SPS per Month for modern and wild battle formats respectively. This reward pool will not fluctuate, meaning that it will stay the same irrelevant of the price of SPS.

Additional ways to earn SPS

Guild Brawl Participation

SPS can be earned as a reward when participating in Guild Brawls. To find out more about how SPS Guild Brawl rewards work, visit Brawls/SPS Rewards.

Asset Holding

By holding certain in-game assets, you are able to earn additional SPS from the allocated SPS reward pools. Holding the following in-game assets will earn you SPS

Staking rewards

By staking your SPS, you can earn additional SPS staking rewards calculated at an Annual Percentage Rate (APR). To learn more, please visit the Staking Splintershards page.

Liquidity Pools

Providing liquidity is another great way of earning additional SPS. Please visit the Providing Liquidity (SPS) page to learn more about Liquidity pools.

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