Moving Splintershards

These guides will help you move SPS to and from the Splinterlands game

Claiming SPS

SPS earned from staked rewards as well as liquidity pools must be claimed before it can be moved or staked through your Splinterlands account. While SPS earned from modern or wild Ranked battles, daily and season Loot chests and Validator Node license rewards will be directly staked once you claim them.

You can link a Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum compatible wallet (Metamask recommended) to your Splinterlands account. Follow THIS GUIDE to configure your Metamask wallet to interact with Binance Smart Chain.

For simple claiming of in-game tokens, ensure that all wallets with in-game assets are linked to your account.

Depositing SPS from an External Wallet

To deposit SPS into your Splinterlands account, locate the TRANSFER button on the SPS Management page.

Once you have clicked transfer, the transfer window will appear on your screen. Here you will be able to enter the amount of SPS that you would like to transfer into your account and select the wallet from which you would like to transfer the SPS from the drop-down menu. Once you have made your selection you can click on the ‘Transfer In’ button at the bottom of the screen. If you want to transfer SPS from a linked external Binance Smart Chain wallet, the transaction will require verification through your linked BSC or Eth wallet.

Sending SPS to an External Wallet

If you would like to transfer SPS out of Splinterlands to an external wallet, use the same method as above and select ‘Transfer Out’ instead of ‘Transfer In’.

Choose TRANSFER IN to initiate the deposit transfer, which will require verification through your linked BSC wallet.

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