Moving Splintershards
These guides will help you move SPS to and from the Splinterlands game

Link Wallets

A Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet (Metamask recommended) must be linked to your Splinterlands account to transfer SPS in and out. Follow THIS GUIDE to configure your Metamask wallet to interact with Binance Smart Chain.
For simple claiming of SPS, make sure that all wallets with in-game assets are linked to your account.

Claiming SPS

SPS must be claimed before it can be moved or staked through your Splinterlands account. Because you may have Splinterlands assets held in linked wallets, there are several different locations from which SPS can be claimed from airdrops.

Depositing SPS from an External Wallet

To deposit SPS into your Splinterlands account for staking, locate the TRANSFER button on the SPS Management page.
If transferring from Hive-Engine, select Hive-Engine from the dropdown menu. To transfer SPS from a linked Binance Smart Chain wallet, select Binance Smart Chain.
Choose TRANSFER IN to initiate the deposit transfer, which will require verification through your linked BSC wallet.

Sending SPS to an External Wallet

Use the same method as above for transferring SPS out of Splinterlands to an external wallet. Instead of selecting Transfer In, choose Transfer Out.