Purchasing Credits with ERC-20 Coins
There are some additional terms and fees when purchasing Credits with ERC-20 (Ethereum) tokens.

  • You MUST use a web-enabled Ethereum wallet to make payments using ERC-20 tokens. Metamask is highly recommended.
  • You MUST have enough ETH tokens in the Ethereum wallet from which you will be making a payment to cover the required gas fees.
  • Gas fees on Ethereum can be VERY expensive. There is nothing Splinterlands can do about this. Please make sure you understand the fees required to make your payment.
  • The FIRST TIME you make a payment with the specified ERC-20 token, you will be asked to submit a transaction to approve payments using that token in Splinterlands. This transaction will also require gas fees paid in ETH.
  • If you receive an error making the payment, please check the following:
    • You have Metamask or another web-enabled browser wallet available, unlocked, and connected to the Splinterlands website.
    • Your wallet is connected to the Ethereum Mainnet and not another network like Binance Smart Chain.
    • You have enough ETH tokens in your wallet to cover the required gas fees.
    • You have enough of the specified ERC-20 token required to make the payment.
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