Splinterlands land is part of a huge upcoming expansion to the game that will grant owners the ability to craft their own items and spells for use in Splinterlands battles.

Praetoria: The New Frontier

The great Gloridax tournaments are held in the Moxian Arena, in the shadow of Mount Mox near the Praetorian shore. These tournaments host thousands of travelers from all around the Splinterlands each day, but the vast, open wilderness of the continent of Praetoria has been a secret to the people of the Splinterlands for many generations. With the recent dissolution of the council who protected the sacred grounds, the Wizard's Veil of secrecy was lifted and the land of the Praetorian continent was opened for ownership.

Exclusive rights to sell claims to the Wizards' Land were granted to three companies: The Mothrook Goathelm Exploration Company, Tunnelworks Ventures and Gobson WagonTech. These companies are now not only selling claims to the land, but on location, breaking ground and making way for the multitudes of settlers who will soon migrate there from the six Splinters.

Primary Sale - SOLD OUT

Land can no longer be purchased from, but may be available on the secondary markets at Hive-Engine (Hive blockchain) and Atomic Hub (WAX blockchain).

In the primary land sale, Praetorian property was sold as claims, since the infrastructure that will allow migration and settlement are not yet in place. These claims are tokenized and transferable between accounts. Claims that a player owns are found in the non-card inventory by clicking the backpack icon in the top right corner of the CARDS tab.

Types of Claims

Plots - A Plot is the basic unit of Splinterlands land. In all of Praetoria, a total of only 150,000 plots will be sold to players. These plots do not make up the entirety of the continent, but only the player-owned portions. There will also be a mix of non-player-owned land that is controlled by the game.

Tracts - A Tract Claim is a unit of 100 total Plots. Every Tract is guaranteed to contain 1 Plot with a Keep.

Regions - A Region Claim is a unit of 1000 Plots. Every Region is guaranteed to contain 1 Plot with a Castle and 9 Plots with Keeps.


Totems come in the same 4 rarities (Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common) as Splinterlands cards. These NFT items can be placed on Splinterlands land to enhance the resource production of magical abilities of that land in various ways. They can also be tokenized and traded on TribalDEX and Hive-Engine.

Items and Spells

Items and spells will be new types of playable cards in the future of Splinterlands. Instead of a single round of drafting then submitting a team, there will then be a second round in which players have a chance to play items and spells to further affect the action of the battle.

Items and Spells are one of the main purposes and goals of the Splinterlands land expansion. Players will have the exclusive ability to produce Items and Spells, meaning that they will not be officially sold by Splinterlands from a supply. Players will have to rely upon the resources and crafting of their own land, and on the secondary Item and Spell markets managed by other players.

Transferring Land

Ownership of land claims can be easily transferred from one player to another through the OTHER INVENTORY section of the CARDS page. This is accessed by clicking on the backpack icon pictured below.

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