Vouchers are awarded daily to players who stake Splintershards(SPS). The amount of vouchers received is determined by your percentage of staked SPS out of the total amount of staked SPS. Vouchers can be used to participate in current or future special promotions.

Vouchers are used to obtain Bonus Packs when purchasing 100+ Chaos Legion packs. Vouchers are exchanged at a rate of 1 per bonus pack. (Note: These numbers may vary with future sets.)

Vouchers can also be redeemed to qualify for discount when purchasing Validator Node licenses.

Transferring Vouchers

Vouchers can be transferred to other Splinterlands accounts and also between your Hive Engine wallet and your Splinterlands account.

To transfer vouchers in or out of your Splinterlands account, go to the voucher tab on the SPS management page on Splinterlands, and select the transfer option.

The send Voucher screen will open up.

Type in the number of vouchers that you would like to transfer and then select the transfer type from the dropdown menu provided. Transfer options allows you to select Hive Engine, which will let you send vouchers to and from your Hive Engine wallet, or To Player, which will let you send vouchers to another Splinterlands account. Lastly, click on the ‘Transfer In’ or 'Transfer Out' button to finalize your transaction.

Trading Vouchers

Vouchers are available on third party marketplaces (Hive Engine or Tribaldex) where they can be bought or sold.

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