Guild Arenas are constructed to host huge battles (known as Brawls). The larger the Arena, the bigger the Brawls!
A Guild's Arena level determines the level of Brawl they will be able to play, as well as the amount of participating players and rewards that can be earned.
The COST to level the Arena is a combination of DEC and Crowns, which can only be earned through Guild Brawl combat.
FRAYS are the number of players allowed to participate from your Guild in a given Brawl. A Fray always has set League and card limitations, and the Guild must strategically find a player who matches each fray.
The MAX TIER determines the level of play among the Frays in a Brawl. Tier 1 contains mostly beginner level Frays, while Tier 5 contains higher level Frays, such as Gold and Diamond. Additionally, Guilds are always matched up with Guilds in the same Brawl Tier.
The Rewards represent the maximum Crown multiplier that may be applied to the Guild's earnings for victory.
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