Each unit and summoner belongs to one of the 6 elements, with the exception of neutral units.

The Elements

No element has power over another. For example, water does not trump fire, fire does not trump earth, etc. Rather, each element is powerful in its own right, with different advantages and disadvantages given the scenario or circumstances.

The Fire element is concentrated in areas of exceptional heat and dryness. However, it can also be created by intense passion. (Red)

The Water element is concentrated in streams, rivers, lakes, and seas. It is also found in rainfall. (Blue)

The Earth element is concentrated in nature and the terrestrial world: forests, plains, hills, and underground caverns. (Green)

While the Life element is mostly concentrated in the sky, upper planes, and areas of illumination, it is also woven into the fabric of time and space. Do not be fooled by its name, though; it can both heal and destroy. (White)

The Death element is concentrated in the lower planes and areas of darkness and shadow. It can also coalesce anywhere that is void of life. (Black)

The sources of the Dragon element harness an ancient combination of all the elements, which they call Glory. (Purple)

The Neutral element can also harmonize with all other elements and occupies the gaps in and between them. (Grey)

In the Game

Cards are divided evenly into six different elements, which are designated by their colors. A card can only be summoned to battle by Summoners of the same element. There are also a number of Neutral cards that can be summoned by any Summoner.

One of the restrictions presented before each battle includes a section called ‘Active Elements’. The element icons that are not lit up represent the elements that will not be playable by either player in that battle. This aspect of the game is in place not only to help ensure that each battle is unique but also to encourage players to build balanced collections across multiple elements.

Dragon Summoners

Players using Dragon Summoners can summon cards from any element, but before starting to build their team, they must pick one of the elements from which to select cards. They will then be able to summon cards from their element of choice, as well as all the Dragon cards.

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