Selling Cards

Listing Cards

Please note that listing a card is not the same as selling a card instantly. While you can list a card for cheaper than the currently listed cheapest price, there is no guarantee that it will sell and there is no way to determine how long the listing will take to be sold.

  1. Select the card you wish to list for sale and click it to go to its page in your collection.

  2. Choose the specific card using the checkboxes on the left. Only 1 card may be listed at a time.

  3. Click the market icon to list the card.

  4. In the new window, enter the price for your new listing.

  5. Click Sell to finalize the listing.

Unlisting Cards

To remove a listed card from the market, first, locate it in your Collection. You'll see the Market icon lit in green next to the listed card. Simply click that icon and confirm the transaction to remove it from the market immediately as pictured below.

Cards can also be sold on third-party markets such as PeakMonsters, Monster Market, and CardAuctionz.

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