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Learn to Play

While it's easy enough at first to jump right in and give Splinterlands a try, the strategy runs deep, and equipping yourself with the skills to win will take at least a small amount of basic learning.

Official Tutorial

You'll find the game's detailed explanation, as well as the playable tutorial experience in the HOW TO PLAY section of the Splinterlands website.
This will take you to a wealth of information about Splinterlands gameplay.

Challenging and Practice Matches

Another great way to put your skills to the test is by extending a challenge to a specific player, by selecting the Challenge option on the battle screen. Here you will be able to select the player whom you would like to challenge as well as set the level limits and cards to be used for the challenge.
Challenging an opponent
By selecting the Practice option from the main battle screen you will be able to practice your skillset in unranked matches. This will help you to familiarise yourself with the battle selection process as well as experiment with battle strategies in a neutral environment that does not affect your rank.
Note that both Challenge and Practice matches will be considered Wild battles.

Watching Battles

One of the best ways to learn to play is by watching the battles of other more experienced players.
You can easily watch the battles of any player from the BATTLE page. By clicking the TOP BATTLES tab, you'll be able to see the highest-ranked battles in the currently selected League of play. You can also enter the name of a specific player in the search bar to check out their most recent battles.
View Top Battles
Top battles can be viewed in either Wild or Modern battle formats by selecting either format on the top of the Battle Screen.
Additionally, you can click on any player's name on this page to see their profile and individual statistics. By clicking on the scroll circled in the image below, you'll be able to watch that player's battles.
View Profile

Strategy Posts

On Splintertalk.io you'll find all the latest Splinterlands-related content from the entire Hive Splinterlands tribe. Check this regularly and you'll find valuable strategy posts, in-depth analyses of seasons, tournament rundowns, and more.
The official Splinterlands community can always be found in Discord. There is almost always someone in the community or one of the helpful moderators ready to answer your questions, and if you have technical issues, you can bring them up in the #tech-support channel of the Discord server.