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As an auto-battler, you must use your skills to select a team to go head-to-head with your opponent under a variety of exciting conditions. Equipping yourself with the skills to win will require some effort, but the satisfaction of battling through the leagues will make it well worth it!

Official Tutorial

In order to access the tutorial and Ranked Battle Gameplay, click the BATTLE! icon on the top menu bar. For the tutorial, click HOW TO PLAY.

Be sure to review the full Gameplay section. For additional information and assistance, please visit our Support site or reach out to Support if you have additional questions. The articles below are a good resource to begin learning about the game:

Challenge and Practice Matches

Another great way to put your skills to the test is by extending a challenge to a specific player by clicking the Challenge button on the Battle page.

Enter the username of the player you wish to challenge and set the level limits and allowed cards for the challenge. Challenges do not impact your rating and can be used to explore new cards and strategies before participating in ranked battles.

Another option for learning the basics is to use the Practice option from the main battle screen, allowing you to practice your skills in unranked matches. This feature will help familiarize you with the battle selection process and allow you to experiment with battle strategies in a neutral environment that does not impact your rank.

Watching Other Players' Battles

One of the best ways to learn to play is by watching the battles of other experienced players.

You can review these battles via the BATTLE page:

  • Click TOP BATTLES to see the highest-ranked battles in the currently selected League. The top battles can be viewed in either the Wild or Modern battle formats by selecting either format on the top of the Battle Screen.

The LEADERBOARD button reveals the list of players who have qualified for these spots in the current season, while the LAST SEASON button reveals the list of players who have qualified for leaderboard spots last season.

  • You can click on any player's name to see their profile and individual statistics. Click the scroll indicated by the red arrow below to watch that player's battles.

  • You can also enter the username of a specific player in the search bar to check out their most recent battles.

The Splinterlands community can be found on the official Discord. There are many experienced players and moderators there who can help answer questions and provide some insight regarding battles.

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