Summoner's Spellbook

The Summoner's Spellbook (Starter Pack) upgrade is REQUIRED to earn rewards and access all functionalities of Splinterlands. The one-time upgrade costs $10.

Purchasing the Spellbook

The Summoner's Spellbook upgrade can be purchased with Paypal, or with one of the 20+ cryptocurrencies accepted by Splinterlands.

Purchases of the Summoner's Spellbook include 3000 Credits which can be used in the in-game shop or to purchase or rent cards from the market.

Before the Spellbook

Splinterlands is free to try, giving players a chance to learn the mechanics and begin collecting cards before purchasing the Summoner's Spellbook, but those who are not upgraded miss out on several important features of the game.

  • No Rewards can be Earned - Players can accept gifts, but they do not earn SPS rewards for battling or rewards for the completion of Daily Focus and Seasons.

  • No Tournaments - Only Spellbook-upgraded players have the opportunity to participate in, or create tournaments through the Splinterlands tournament interface.

  • No Trading on the Market - Because a player's blockchain account, linked to their new Splinterlands account, is not created until they upgrade by purchasing the Summoner's Spellbook, they are unable to make transactions on the market from a new account, such as buying or selling packs and individual cards. In the event that a user had an existing Hive account, they would still need to purchase a Spellbook in order to upgrade their account, but they will be able to make transactions on the market.

  • No Guilds - Players will not be able to create or join guilds.

After the Spellbook

Once the Summoner's Spellbook upgrade has been completed, a unique HIVE blockchain account is created for the player and all functions and features of the game are open to them.

After the upgrade, players can...

  • Purchase packs, cards, and land

  • Earn SPS for battling

  • Participate in Daily Focus and earn Season rewards (from Bronze League up)

  • Transact on the HIVE blockchain from their new Splinterlands account.

  • Transfer assets in and out of the game

  • Create and or join tournaments

  • Create and or join guilds

Once the Spellbook has been purchased, players are able to locate it in the other Inventory section, where it is stored as a unique non-transferable asset connected to their account.

Splinterlands cover the cost of creating a HIVE blockchain account, and enough resource credits are provided to play Splinterlands. The Summoner's Spellbook upgrade allows Splinterlands owners to earn for life playing Splinterlands.

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