Summoner's Spellbook
The Summoner's Spellbook (Starter Pack) upgrade is REQUIRED to earn rewards and access all functionalities of Splinterlands. The one-time upgrade costs $10.

Purchasing the Spellbook

The Summoner's Spellbook upgrade can be purchased with Paypal, or with one of the 20+ cryptocurrencies accepted by Splinterlands.

Before the Spellbook

Splinterlands is free to try, giving players a chance to learn the mechanics and begin collecting cards before purchasing the Summoner's Spellbook, but those who are not upgraded miss out on several important features of the game.
  • No Rewards can be Earned - Players can accept gifts, but they do not earn DEC rewards for battling or rewards for the completion of Daily Quests and Seasons.
  • No Tournaments - Only Spellbook-upgraded players have the opportunity to participate in tournaments through the Splinterlands tournament interface.
  • No Trading on the Market - Because a player's blockchain account is not created until they upgrade by purchasing the Summoner's Spellbook, they are unable to make transactions, such as buying or selling packs and individual cards.

After the Spellbook

Once the Summoner's Spellbook upgrade has been completed, a unique HIVE blockchain account is created for the player and all functions and features of the game are opened to them.
After the upgrade, players can...
Once the Spellbook has been purchased, players are able to locate it in the other Inventory section, where it is stored as a unique non-transferable asset connected to their account.
The cost associated with creating a HIVE blockchain account is covered by Splinterlands, and enough resource credits are provided to play Splinterlands. The Summoner's Spellbook upgrade is how players create blockchain accounts that turn them into Splinterlands owners by unlocking their ability to earn for life playing Splinterlands.